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I'm seventeen years old, anime freak galore, I play the guitar, write, and am picking up graphic design and some other stuff like that.
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*comment virginity wut*
new to the comic but already love it and I totally understand cause hello it's transformers and strip clubs! XD
well that explains a lot and...that's creepy in a...weird-ish-ly very hot kind of way...XDD I want to date one now that I actually know what a ganguro is XD;
go Metis! XD;
fic contest...o rly now? *runs off to check it out*
*cuddles Kaori* He's so adorable!!! ;.; <3
heeee I love the face expression in the second panel XDD and I love the fourth panel <3 XD
that was actually sweet and not really creepy...I don't really know of anyone who would care enough to actually do that just to make sure you got home alright.
I've actually been having an urge to watch The Swan Princess for the past week for some odd reason and coming back after a month and finding this particular fairytale makes me squeal :D *huggles comic*
TRES BEIN! TRES BIEN! Tres, tres jolie *_*

I absolutely love your comic to death <3 and Melody is so adorable, she reminds me of...well me XD