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I cant stand it! They are too adorable together :)
"dude, got blood?"
OMG! Pogo's toes are adorably cute! :)
I love Pogo's sassiness. Safe word! lol....
February 26th, 2012
This totally made my morning. :)
Oh yes! I'm a GoodReads user! On there every day! Belong to a few groups but I mainly spend my time at the m/m Romance Group. Can't wait to see you there! Will check out your short story too.
Absolutely stunning artwork! Poor Annie!!!
Have the game Perfection. My youngest screams every time it goes off. Gets on your nerves after a while so it's put up where she can't reach

Poor Pogo. :(
Oh god! That was hilarious! I think he confused him there at the
January 23rd, 2012
My heart just broke :(
I love this comic so much!
Resting? Ha! Lame ass excuse!! But this god is simply scarier than hell and I'm very worried about the boy he's pissed about. Obviously he/she wants him.
"Or simply smutty goodness featuring your favorite characters?" <- That's my vote! :)
January 23rd, 2012
Gawd, he's so freaking gorgeous!!! Even when's he's freaking out about standing in
Oh shit, that was funny! Totally made my day!
Hot chocolate with milk then dip buttered toast into it. Let it soak it up. Bite! Yum!!!

I have a bad feeling about this guy.
January 13th, 2012
Oh wow! THAT is beautiful! Stunning :)
Must keep his food source healthy ;)
Yes, definitely Twilight Zone...creeepy!
Don't underestimate Pogo! Whoa is right!