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i like video game tv an beatin up ppl that make fun of me hobbies r doing things fun playing srb2(sonic robo blast 2) this can be found at my fav comix are.... well... j-just look at my favorites but my most 3 maybe 4 favs r after subtract, mix ups of all mix ups, mobian chaos and, zelda adventures of link i allso have every single fucking power ever made and that is just now made
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    um wait its um no its aha......24
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@Pie God: hey i have an answer i could get a laptop or wait every weekend to go to my dads or i can keep useing my crappy ass nintendo 3ds
must....have.....mmmmoooooooaaaaaaarrrrrrr >:0
for epicness
ohhhh shit 0.0 *pees pants*
for the epicness
@E-Man: your right that is a she
@Advertisement: were do i get one walmart or do i order it off something? l:/
you should like put metalsonic in this because this is KICKASS I:[D
@Advertisement: im 13 years old idk were to get a fucking scannerl:/
i know thats why im doing drawings
im srry if its messed up but like i said i don't have a laptop so im useing my 3ds so its going to be a bit crappy for awhile :[
also i dont have a laptop yet im getting one this x-mas so im useing my 3ds
listen for ppl that think it suxs i dont blame u if i new how to upload vids it would be better but im going to stick to drawing for a bit, I:/
here the real start of the comic so shut up and sit down or feel my rath >l:l
@Pie God: 1 fuck you 2 yes it is 3 she is real so dont be judgeing me
@Advertisement: hey 1im new to this 2this is hard 3my gf boobs are huge
srry theres no comic got destrated
its almost like grand sword kirby
you should add kirby he can ruscue jiggilypuff
da end of chapter4 an yay 1st comment