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@bartekolo: LOL! ya know it would be funnier with the lol face!
@Hydra: she went off the panel and appeared behind him. DUH!!!! haven't you ever played pacman?
@Some guy: okay some guy she's new at this so don't go flaming cos if u do i swear i will make you regret it *brings out rocket launcher* don't mess with my friend! god are u that dumb that you don't know how to make an account? If so reply and i'll post you a tutorial! that is if i don't block you! >=C
@Drizzlethehedgehog: OMG!!!!! drizzle? it's that u? omg i know you i've seen you're sprites there so cool! It's so great we're working together! i'm also on crazy r' us! also great effects! ^^
@Draven22: yea but i like this way!
also need other sprites
my first part of my comic next is Drizzle! mwu hahahahah-*cough cough* aha
oo can i do the background?
*jumps up*yay! *collapses again*
my sprites
i'll get started on the night mare world soon.
look at you email!
i did it! but i had to get a photo bucket account
@wolf_rider: ummm how do i send a link?
PS sats week D=
should i post it?
i've finished my sprites!
*breath* can i do somthin' with the students in it and them havin' nightmare's then they all come together and they get trapped in a nightmare world and they have to escape *collapses*
@Smugleafdoofus3: thanks ! you're not so bad yourself and the resizing was just something i forget to do
this is my cameo who is covering until i get my sprites done. i was gone for so long cause i did something, not going into further description....!
also my internets been playing up.
@Hydra: i don't have just microsoft paint, i think it's called
hey guys sorry for not updating. my broadbands been playing up but i just fixed it. yes me, a ten year old fixed a computer in case u were wondering. gonna update today or tomorrow
@G.B.A: not really cos i really don't have any more ideas unless u suggest me to change my color