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I like comics/mangas, sharks, Batman, cute&sweet stuff and Punks :D

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Is he scared to be called a chubby chaser?
Is his name already on the list?!
1. Germany
2. Billy Hargrove x Steve Harrington
3. To many handsome guys to choose from
November 23rd, 2016
The art is beautiful and I can't wait for more :D
That comment broke my heart a little bit.
i would do the same *laugh*

you can't let maple syrup go to waste!
he is going commando :D
I wish you would do more of these two :3
please, please say yes XD
Oi, this is really awesome :D
i'm a bit lost here...

so the bet isn't about sensei?
Nooooooo, Jesse don't have casual sex with the pretty woman D:
@Mandagirl88: That would be sooo fucking awesome :D

I just thought he would be played by best friends but TWINS is so much more awesome <3
Aw man!
I didn't sleep for like 14 hours and I'm kinda very 'teary' right I'm soooo gloomy when I think(can't get it out of my head X3) about what maybe will happen with those two...

But I fucking like this story of yours <3
I would love to read a story with him!!!!

He looks damn hot!!!!
I really like your story :)

But...I couldn't take the 'rape' stuff so I spared that part kinda :(

I like Daniel and I kinda hope he comes together with Matt in a real sappy kind of way...I just want them to love each other and be happy X3

I am sure your story will have some more twists and turns until it comes to an end. That's one of the reasons I like your story :)

But I'm sure my heart will bleed every time something 'exiting' will happen...
Kyah! This si so funny and sexy XD
I love this comic!!!!! Can't wait for the next page!!!!
I don't like the stupid blonde one >:(

I love this soooooo fucking much <3