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to be filled later.
aww D: *pats her*

C: can't wait for the next pages <3
yesss he's so in denial XD
XD aaaaaaa <3333 *dies from cuteness overload*
aww ~ they're so cute together :3
XD yay an update <333
ooo D: I wonder what he wants from her
XD wow cool, I sorta learned from her too haha <3

*u* can't wait for the update! and good luck with classes c: I'll be following on with your story now haha XD

*must make fanart someday* <3
:D wow. I just got to read your manga today. It's quite interesting XD

I love the art <3 they're all so cute~ Remminds of of Arina-sama's style X3 hope you don't mind me lurking afterwards~ *favs*
eeeeeeeee XDDD <333 *all happy inside*
yay for update XD <3

noooo Ed ditch HW for more important thingsss :E!!
aww ;__; he's so cuteee <3 *continues to stalk in the background*
lol XD awesome.