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My favourite thing ever was how you can be a mage or blood mage for a better example and side with the templars.

@zenat: Well I do suppose you have a fair point there. The games would lose some replay value as a series that way, when nothing really matters in the end.

At the very least I am glad that you are glad that I liked the game. Every other person on the Internet seems to start hating on me just because I don't hate the ending like they do.

Thank you for that. :)
@zenat: I also have to say that about the ending when you see the Mass relays they more or less just break apart instead of exploding. Don't really need an explanation for that.

Also in the interview about the ships they said that you could find the information about ships in the codex, so it seems more as if they're just restating information that was already in the codex.
@Guest: I wouldn't say that necessarily. I played ME1 twice, ME2 like ten times and ME3 twice. I did every single side quest and in ME1 and 2 I explored every planet. I still enjoyed the ending.
Well in an interview they said the mass relays didn't explode, they merely overloaded, whereas in Arrival it blew up.

Its like cutting the power to the lights instead of throwing a dwarf at them.

Also mentioned in said interviews was that the ships could get back to their homes. It would just take a few weeks or so, seeing as how the ships have ftl drives that they don't need mass relays for.

One more point is that in the control ending it kinda works out seeing as how since the reapers built the mass relays, if you control them you should be able to build them again.

Last thing. I liked the ending despite what many say.
Finally caught up again!

Man Sam really needs to do something.
@Jay: Then there's also the mission where you see 3 or more broodmothers.
@Jay: If the one in Dragon Age Origins freaks you out, you don't want to play Dragon Age Awakening.
I feel the same way about the Magi Origin.
I sold out Jowan and sided with Irving and as a result even though Gregoir got mad Irving was like "He acted on my behalf. If anything I should be punished." Then Gregoir was just Q_- "Alrighty then good sir."

Meanwhile Douchecan "Okay well the problem has been resolved. Now you then. You have been conscripted."

And your just like lolwut
@Inxerene: And in some places the guards would occasionally come help you.
Garrus is pretty awesome when he isn't you know, in the middle of those triangle damned calibrations which is most of the time.
From what I read she is mostly right. Templars are not allowed to marry unless they get permission from the revered mother.
Or before. In one of the epilogues after the events at the Circle in Lake Calenhad, Cullen goes crazy killing a lot of mages before escaping the tower and then going on a mage killing rampage.

I mainly liked the Ferelden Circle better because of Gregoir. He was such an awesome templar. Whereas Meredith is "blah blah blah you used magic to light up a dark room so you could find your dying mothers medicine therefore you must die" Gregoir is more like "Well then that was a bad thing you did. Irving what do you think we should do in punishing her?" Q_-
One of the best DLC. Killing innocents. So simple yet so rewarding.
@Lord Enigma: Ao Kijo is so awesome. Nice to meet someone who is a fan of sh guys and one piece