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I Wrote A Review!
So hey guys, I have a blog where I review books and stuff, and every Wednesday I shine some light on a webcomic that I especially like! This week was Behind The Obsidian Mirror! Check it out! potlight-behind-the-obsidian
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: I don't know if she is going that far. She just needs to tell him about the deal she made with Rumpelstiltskin and the repercussions, not that his father is evil.
@qazox: I'm like 90% sure it's the Song Of Time from Zelda XD
Daniel...that chair...
I swear to God, if he goes in for the kiss and falls off that chair I'm going to scream...
Blog Review
Hey guys. So I have a blog and while I normally do book reviews, I have recently started doing a weekly webcomic spotlight. This week I went ahead and reviewed Autophobia. So...yeah. Check it out if you'd like :D ic-spotlight-autophobia
Daniel, you're entirely too clumsy to sit in that chair like that. If Louis says one thing that makes you spazzy and flustered its going to fall and your going to break your face on that table.
So I've taken to reviewing webcomics...
I've taken to reviewing webcomics on my blog, and I started out with Rumplestiltskin. If anyone is interested...
So I am re-reading this from the latest chapter where we learn a little about Mia and there is a warning for bullying, and that things are going to get a little bad and I'm just hoping that this page right here is foreshadowing. That even though thing are going to get a little dark Louis will end up being Daniel's knight in shining armor and rescue him!
I think it's cute how G.H.S.T thinks that was a long hiatus XD Trust me, anyone who has ever followed the comic Teahouse, now they know true pain.
@lilywolftail: Oh snap! I don't think I ever heard that version. In the one I knew, the queen was given three chances to guess his name or he took the child. Her first 2 tries failed miserably but then she overheard him bragging and dancing around his campfire one night saying his name. On the third try she successfully gave his name, kept her child, and Rumplestiltskin got so mad that he stomped his feet and then tore himself in half.
@Lubrifier: In addition to posting Carpe Diem on SmackJeeves for us, it's also published in an online magazine, something like one chapter a month I think (I'm not entirely sure about that though) When she says that there won't be any Carpe Diem this issue, she means that there won't be a new chapter in the magazine and subsequently there won't be any new SmackJeeves updates until this summer. Essentially, the comic is on a short hiatus while she draws something else.
If anyone needs any more encouragement to go check out Inkblazers, it's really fantastic. The dialogue changes work wonderfully and the art is just beautiful. I can't wait to see it all up there that way!!!
I guess George!
I think that Naoto likes Shizu best, but maybe I'm just being hopeful ;P
I really love that Atty cares about DT now. I just hope that she continues to care for him. I got really attached to her when she was sweet...
Does Anyone Else...
... Feel like breaking into a round of 'Hey Jude'?
@Yuki-chan: I went find his tumblr and he is being completely ridiculous. I agree, he probably has no real talent of his own >:(
February 15th, 2013
Pokemon Yay!!!
He sounds like a Charmander. "Char?"
September 29th, 2012
@Cantstopcrazy: I love your icon! Sacha!!!!