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The Mushroom Kingdom is confirmed to be thousands of acres wide, kilometres even. Spanning islands, mountains, at least 5 different ice regions and several separate kingdoms.

But out of all of that, the wormhole lands Fluttershy exactly in Luigi's bathtub.
Can confirm, am person, am interested.

Keep them anthro, I doubt it matters to most.
@sexmastah_alternate: Hey you're welcome

//Finger guns
Eh, I'll follow it. Just to see where it goes.

Also because I'm turned on by Luigi.
@Riskfan: Every game had a useless weapon you never used outside of the boss fight it was made for. 1 had the hyper bombs, 2 had the Quick Boomerangs, 4 had the Ring Boomerang, 5 had the Power Stone and 6 had the flame blast.

At least Top spin was somewhat fun to use against normal enemies. It was really innovative in that it was a melee attack. Now if only the ammo usage was consistent.
@Pharaoh Man: Unpopular opinion here but 3 is definitely my favourite. So many features for a megaman game and the abilities were probably my favourite in this game. It's just really hard to name something wrong with 3 while I can easily name drawbacks to the other 10 Classic games.
Can we take a moment away from the feels to appreciate how Sean just basically nailed it this chapter? As a Sean fan this arc was good stuff. Hope he gets more spotlight in the future.
@MasterComic: Oh damn What's up Past Me. Didn't think I'd see you in this corner of Smackjeeves. You're like way out of your comfort zone.

By the Way I'd think it's natural that we'd share similar traits, we are the same person after all. (Also because like you I died for like 5 months)
@HyperTurtle32: Honestly I didn't even care about the accusation. I was mostly poking fun at the fact that Droida replied to a year-old post saying it was stolen. Sorry dude.

Also I feel like that second paragraph is aimed at me. Point taken.

Why am I replying to this now? It's 6 months later.
Holy shit it's him. Carlos I thought you died.
@MasterComic: I should say the same for you, MC! Where you been? Why are replying to 2-year old comments? Lmao
2014-2016 Eggman looks like he got tired of being resprited. Eggman's tired of your bullshit HyperTurtle
@SuperScratchkat: hte Avgners Ag of Ulron
>Challenge this alien to a dance battle
>Ask Tega if she has any recollection of your island adventures
@SonicKnightFrazor: Oh, right.

Shameful >_<
I love how Mako's first reaction is immediately blame Ribitta.