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So yeah...
People who are giving unwanted attention usually aren't going to understand when the person receiving the attention isn't receptive. Hence 'unwanted'. GET. SOMEONE ELSE. INVOLVED.

Either: A) Have a third person mediator come in and help you and the other individual discuss why you feel uncomfortable and what needs to stop.


B) Have another person handle this and talk to the person who, obviously, doesn't know better. They won't listen to you if they haven't already.

Also, don't be afraid to be vocal. Even if you think things MAY get worse, even if you think things are just going to stay the same... A life without risk isn't lived, it's endured.

So... yeah. Get loud. Also, get pepper spray [if it's legal in your state]. Pepper spray tends to work.
Anyone else in love with the fact that James is constantly hitting on Gyan with his eyes?
Dat second panel. DAT SECOND PANELLLL! <3
The shaaaame
@daviddoesntgetit: Yeah, I occasionally hear stories like that. Personally, I had some questions around my late high school years and my parents were pretty upfront with me. They showed me a picture of my birth-mother and some medical records [I was curious about that mostly]. They talked to me about what kind of person she was and her situation, why I was put up for adoption.

It made them slightly uncomfortable, but they were pretty understanding about why I wanted to know and it was just explained to me, then dropped when I was satisfied in my curiosity. Never needed to ask about it again, never really did.
Hey! I was reading this [and resisting the urge to scream] and I just wanted to give my two cents.

I actually was adopted from birth. My birth mother was too young to give me a good life [she was already struggling with hers, unfortunately] and my parents were having trouble conceiving. They gave me a good life, and loved me just the same. I am their child. To me, the idea of a mother or father isn't the person who gave birth to you but the people who raised you and impacted your life in a way that made you who you are today.

I think the most important thing about adopting a child is to be honest about it with them, especially if it's from a very young age. I always knew I was adopted, knew others who were adopted [through an agency ran charity drives/meetings as a child], and it just seemed like... a thing. It so inconsequential to my life that I actually forget about it sometimes.

So... yeah. That's just my perspective. Also, fuck that guy.
Video games actually strengthen the mind, apparently.
Twisted, lady-dude, I'm like TOTALLY in love with your art. Even the speech bubbles are ridiculously good, the sort of grittiness is wonderful, and dem thick black lines! Not to mention your characters which are all hot AND interesting!

TL;DR: I'm gay for your style of art.

Also, is there a place I could buy Gomorrah? I was on Filthy Figments and I want to read it, but I don't know that I have the money to subscribe to something monthly. [It's a bit hit and miss some months.]
Oh man...
...I'm SO turning the 2nd and 3rd panel on row 3 into a meme. It's practically begging to be made.
Brad has a crush... on Joel! [What a twist!]
I.... I've never seen such stupid. o_o

I'd punch him so hard they'd need a proctologist to get his dental records. Nuff said.

I mean both! Haley is older, chelsea younger..... But I now wish I had cousins named Whales and Walrus >.>
This person... seems really dumb. >.>

She seems to only hate the person [aside from the 'annoying' comment] because she lives her life in a different way... Why do people get hurt or angry over this?! It's like saying "Oh hey, I need to pee.... Wait, what?! How dare you not come into the bathroom and pee with me?! How rude!"
I'm not a violent person
...However. Sometimes you just want to make the world a better place and rid it of it's stupid. Amiright?
Heh. I do this a lot to one of my rather... jaded straight guy friends.

Also! My only first cousins have the same names. Same spelling and everything. O.o
Your brother is a stronger man than I.

Me + idiots + power tools = bad times for them.
Cucumbers = funny.
Hey. So I've been scrolling through these comics-- love them! I keep find that I've been in similar situations and thought the same things at the time, but that I never took a good look at my own thoughts... If that makes any sense at all. Mind you, it's 4:30 am here, but anyway.

Funny thing about this one: I just got some cucumber slices and dip before turning to it. Looked at the title and nearly fell on the floor laughing. [Love cucumbers myself, by the way :)]

Keep it up!
DAMN king every year? >.>
Is it just me or are they not in public? >.>

They're in an office..