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Comics on this account are terrible as fuck. Just keeping it for luls.
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Ffffff. This is old, and now when you say it... it kinda creeps me out.
Lol'd. :D
men den är ju inte borta ju, bara redraw D:
Important stuff!
Hey, I'm currently redrawing this comic because it feels weird working on something this old. Please have patience and keep being awesome, I want new DnS to be good so it will take some time with scripts and all that.
Smackjeeves is bitching and won't let me upload more pages right now, if you want to read all the new pages, go to
Merry christmas!
Hell yäh, långa armar i sista rutan!
And what do we have here... Fujita! Without his scar! Omai!
ignore how fucked up this page is :D
Åh, älskar Soras ansiktsutryck i första rutan. <3
....I think we've seen almost every character in DnS cry now..? xD
Sorry for the long break, but I'm having a lot to do. I have two tests next week, and three on the week after it... ARGH. So I hope you can understand.
I'm kind of ashamed of the terrible art in DnS too. It will get better in... well, the later pages in chapter nine?
I'm waaay to lazy... I just got into WoW again. xD If that's a good excuse lol.
This is old. And crappy.
First filler ever...
...big thanks to all of you for reading DnS! You make me happy! <3
Picture can be found at.
The action continues.... I hope you don't mind. But if one of them won too fast, it would waaay too boring. :B
And my biology test is finally done! What a relief... it nearly killed me. e_e
and lol the dialouge in this cracks me up so bad
...FINALLY a new page. Sorry, I totally forgot about DnS, I suck. >_>
Naughty language. :B
Btw, wonder why Flora's not screaming in PHAAAIN? Well, she IS a demon. They stand much more than humans.
Serien är över bannern. o_o
aja, me lieks ny sida.'s getting violent here xD
Funny comic so far. 8D Faaav'd!