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Ohhh good! Hades is so CUTE!!!!! (L)
November 11th, 2011
wooow! I really want to read that story! plase make it when you finish "A Promise" (cause i love it too x3)
Thanks for publish your comics! youre amazing Zelda ;D
OMG!!! I cant wait till next tuesday!
Poseidon!! (L)
I just want to read more!! :D
November 7th, 2011
omg youre amazing! i have read all your stories an i love them! im a writer and looking for images of the greek mythology (cause i love it and im working on a novel about that), i get to your draws in devianart! I almost die when i see your gods, becouse they are just like I describe mines! really, i love your draws and I just cant wait to read the secod part of The Promise!!