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I just graduated high school May 19th and I turned 18 May 31st. This summer will be busy for me because I need to find a job, help sell our house, clean my grandparents new house, sell their old house, draw, and hang out with friends as much as possible before I leave for college in the fall.

Things I love: Sachuu :D, SINGING, drawing, reading, writing when i feel like it, my loving friends (both online and offline)
Things I dislike: spiders, roaches, bananas, seafood, fire, rude people
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    Maria Minamino
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Another page
Here is another page that I found. I'll be uploading them over the next couple days. This is the last one for now
It's been a while
I recently moved, well my family did, and I found some old comic pages that I had done for this manga and never posted. Probably 5-6 pages that I found. So I'll be uploading them.

I have a renewed interest in this story. Unfortunatly I'm much too lazy to redraw the entire thing XD So I'll just start where I left off. However, I have school coming up. It's why I disappeared in the first place. At college I take 9-11 classes a semester, I'm part of 4 organizations (and an officer for 2 of them), AND I balance a job on top of that. So you can see that I'm busy XD Updates will be sporadic but hopefully I'll update :D
oh nonono! don't push him away!
they are just so cute!
uwaaaa thanks for the update! I can't wait for the next one!
I think this deserves an "AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"
@Someone - honestly - I would like to update this comic - but I have no time because I'm a college student with 11 classes a semester so it's been pretty crazy. So I may update in the future I may not - it depends on how i feel about this comic and if I have the time. I may end up making something new altogether or even redoing this comic. I don't know yet. <3
I didn't know you started a new manga D: I knew you had the story - but not the art XDD aw - such pretty drawings!! <3
aw Blizzchu - you're fine :D I always restart my stuff too - so I know where you're coming from. It's hard to keep something going when you keep improving and then look back on the stuff before that doesn't compare to the new stuff.

I loved your old stuff - and I know you've gotten better *I watch you on DA all this time - I don't comment often anymore - but I still lookXD* So, if this comic was awesome back'll be AMAZING now! Good luck1
lmao - a poem about two lovers who both tragically comic suic----- lmao
poor kid
I like the poster on the wall stating "Some Random Crap Here"
I want a poster like that - I hear it's all the rage
OMG! You revived this? It's so different than I remember! lol! there are four of them now XD
aweosme! i love the new names and the character designs!
soapy bubbles was cute :D
wow - the whole time i thought the boy was kai XDD aww - zak seems coool :D
So uh...who's gonna kill be because he looks similar to Sasuke from Naruto? Believe me - in my original style, he didnt' look like Sasuke - but my style changed soo...lmao XD the main difference though is the bangs. They're long and two long strands have bead-like things on them. also --- his hair isn't as poofy. So I hope no one compares him to Sasuke D: D: D:

Ririn looks cute in the picture though - i had fun drawing her :D

I originally wanted them a pile on the floor - but I couldn't draw it right. This page is why I put the manga on hiatus for so long - because I couldn't figure out the posing. Finally I just did this simple posing and went on XD
@Happy Hatter - the one and same :D XDDD Captain Jack is one of the few songs of his that i DON'T like - i love pressure...and rivers of dreams....and tell her about it...the entertainer...etc....He's been my favourite singer since I was a baby lmao *he inspires me*
Who saw something like this coming? lmao

anyway - two pages in 24 hours - you must be joking! O///O I actually updated!!! yay *shot*

Anyway - Billy Joel is getting me through this Billy Joel = my hero :D btw. I've been listening to him before I knew what his words even meant :D :D :D

It looks like Ririn is pushing Tsuki in front of her because she saw this coming :D
Kyo - uwaaa *w* thank you :D
Tsuki - Yesh - you inspired me :D X3 I've never changed my name on gaia *likes my name* lmao XDDD But Tsuki-chan would be cuuuute :D
Another Page - i was inspired to update because I met someone on gaia who also has a character named Tsuki - and it made me want to update again :D So here is another page :D

It's so hard shading my old style....this is the last of my really old pages though (made back in 2006) the rest are at least Dec. 2006 and up :D I'll ink and shade and scan them quickly - sorry for the wait and thanks for sticking with me! Especially Happy Hatter who comments on every update :D