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i gotta put something here eventually huh
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man, i've been meaning to comment; i'm a long-time fan of shinka, and it's actually what inspired me to finally do my own webcomic and tell my own stories, although things are a bit slow going on my end from personal issues </3

but this is mostly to say it's lovely to see you back silver, it's great to see nick, grace, and josie again, and i'm super excited to see where the comic goes for its third run !!! you've been an inspiration to me for an immensely long time, and I'm very glad to see you still around and kicking. ;v; i'm not an avid commenter, so i can't say i'll comment every page or anything, but know you have my full support and i'll definitely be following this comic as far as you are able to take it !! <333
I have an Yveltal named Skybacon too. XD
Y'know, where I live, we don't get just a thin layer. We don't get some thick blanket of snow that's easy toget rid of with hard work.

We either get snow...

Or we get stuck in our houses because of the snow.

Ever tried to get off your front porch while climbing over snow?
Let's just say it's unpleasant, cold, and friggin hard because the snow is thick and as slick as ice. |D

Welcome to the valleys, everyone! This is only winter.
X and Y is a trap! It's making us ditch our priorities! D:
(Haha whoops, homework still isn't done.)
Oh, but Houndoom burns sting forever...
Ahaha, sneakin' peeks~

I wonder if there's more to that Absol than we think. o3o
He just seems like he would have a lot of significance, the way he's appearing before Gigi.

Unless you're just trying to trick us.
Oh my, you do this so beautifully. Like, I have no words. This comic is just so good and the drawings are stunning, despite them being traditional. ouo
I applaud you for an amazing job!
Whoa, what happened to the next page? I saw it, then it disappeared. oAo
Moon's looking as fluffy as ever! =3 Thanks again for sticking her in!

Battle tournament thing? I'm not the best artist, so I probably wouldn't participate, but I would definitely watch it! Sounds like an interesting idea, and I'd like to see where it goes and if it will be successful.
I can't telllll! XD That just makes me anticipate the next page just so that I can find out what it is though, so don't feel bad!

I love the perspective you did in the fourth panel; I wish I could do stuff like that!
Double and single. I like doing both; dunno why though.
And may the odds be ever in their favour. >=3
A Poochyena, perhaps? She's different than most Poochyena, but not hard, if you still need characters. If you have enough, then you don't have to put her in.

If you do need her, I can PM you her looks.
S-So many deaths...
From so many nuzlockes...
In three days...

Oh my god, my heart's going to turn to dust by the time this week is over!
I've seen so many of my favourite Pokemon go in nuzlockes in these past three days.
I was holding onto the slim chance that Chester had held by a few HP points.

...Dangit. I was just starting to warm up to Chester.


(I actually posted, after months of not saying anything.)
Hopefully its the blood of a Team Aqua Pokemon...
I would've commented about this on earlier pages, but I've been a little busy with school and such.

I really like how you used the Groudon symbol for this! I thought that was a nice add-on.
Oh Arceus, no!
Not Mimi! D=
Ghost types must have a really bad reputation. Especially Gengar...