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Lol i dont think hes gonna jack off, i think hes gonna call him and be like "you little shit why didnt come in today"
I looks like hes either dressed like a cat or in a dress XD i wouldnt mind seeing either
February 7th, 2012
This is probably a stupid question, but couldn't you just change the age? or do they not allow that :C anyway if you do have to move that would suck, but ill still follow you anywhere you post this
Please nooooo
Ive been having a horrible day, then hearing that you werent gonna make this comic anymore almost made me cry. Please dont discontinue it! its one of my favorite comics on sj. I understand if you're tired of doing it, but I dont think you should quit because you dont get comments. You have a lot of fans who love this comic,just because they dont comment doesnt mean they love it any less
when he says "that" i'm assuming he means that he said "him" so he doesnt really know hes gay?