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Me likey
Although the flashlight thing and lights going out suddenly creeps me out. Ominous feeling. (O_O)
Dawwwwww.^ \(^.^)/ 😳
Patience is a virtue
Good things come to those who wait....

But boy would it suck if he backs out...
Well, well...
What do we have here? Do the cosmos align to give us what she really needs or a partner in crime? Time will tell.
It's about to go down
Whenever things seem to good to be true, crap happens. Heres to hoping they can weather the storm together.
Hot for the teacher
"And I will crush anyone who stands in my way!!!" This one's power is dangerous. Who knows what she will do or say.
Wheels on the Bus
A true sing along song. To be young at heart and totally lethal.
Feels like the story jumped or missed a page... The sudden topic change didnt idk...
Dr. Marloooooooow. Reminds me of the thing from beetlejuice
@Jazzi: that's probably how much the underwear covers as well.
If he's tripping this hard, I could only imagine what the ring would look like, it might even Talk to him. Srsly, the colors on these last 2 posts are amazing.
We've all been there
Fortunately she caught on, I can't begin to tell you how many times I spilled the beans. Missing the hands across the throat gestures, the "X" symbols, all of it :-/
Dazed and confused
Traumatized and glad it's over
No pressure
Besides he hasn't been putting any pressure on her so why should Kim be boosting her to do something she's not quite ready for. Friends...
I'm a good girl
And want to wait...
Tooo soon
Guilt and helpless romantic
It's what for dinner!
What's that thumping sound
Is it his heart??!!! JK. Can't wait until the reveal.