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I am Devina. I like drawing, designing and 3D modelling.
February 15th, 2013
Thanks everyone! Welcome to year of 2013. I will continue to draw this comic later. =)
@Rage: Thanks! Yeah I have a full time job, university, some webdesign jobs and a "super hero" comic project. You can visit my online portfolio later if you are interested. :)
@Rage: No time to draw webcomics :(
Last comic page of Evening Coffee. Good Bye everyone!
This man has no ears xD. (I don't have nose because I am cute.)
If you can choose something, don't let other people decide for you.
I am not a thief. I am a trash can :)
@Rage: Yay for the new fan! Thanks for the fav.
I didn't know that sprite comics are so popular.:O Same here.
I gave up after 30 minutes to apply fake eyelashes. Screw it! It is good with only mascara. :)
"Don't look!" is the best way to get attention
@ValisFan: She is childish :D
Happened last Sunday. Creepy as hell! The birdy is actually brown.
The first one is rare for me.
@Roshnak: Yes, she is and looks childish but she is actually 30 year old.
@FĂ„ret: Yum yum ... !
Save food for the animals.
They will poop on you and they are food thieves.
@Lui: I do not think she got super power and she is too weak to do that. It can be the big hole which stole the pizza. It is mysterious!
UFO Pizza!!!