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Happy Hatter
Hmm well me in a nut shell is...

.My great metabolism to match! xD
.Finding out Usless information (wikipedia helps out in that department)

.hypocrites >=(
.The way you cant touch ANYTHING after putting on nail polish
.Middle school

Ok so maybe its a really big nut shell... =/

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    Holly A. T. <yes my inishal do spell HAT
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Brother, its his brother isent it!!! *twich*
The guy with his back turned slightly on the chapter cover is Xin's brother!!

Thats what i'm guessing anywho...
Bill Joel? like "piano man" or "Saddness or Euphoria" Billy Joel! XDDDDDDDDD I love him, even though he was on a ton of drug (hence the Captain Jack Song) o_O

anywho, good page XDDDD
You do really good side profiles =]
what is it with you and hats in school missy? ;3
i was wondering how thouse jacket things worked, at first i thought it was a tucksido turtle neck.
Lol congrats on the very long second chapter *pets new kitten with joy* C:
It must be really hard to skid in grass with shoes on o.0
I like it pencile toned way better XD

And i so know what u meen, i hav a starting manga problem to D:
in openings for anime there ether...
~Free falling
~Or Free Falling and Dancing
~a bit of pointness running to
What city is this? Seattle? Now THATS the rainy city
I can think of a few unusual things he could of done to her, *eyebrows*

~Lol sorry but i just couldnt rezist XD
Smile, hes been angsting so much so its about time >:D
I like your flowers, i know that mite sound lame, but i cant draw flowers, i just draw skwiggly blobs! XD
*Gasp* You must be so exited, i'm finaly going to high school, little tiny freshman, to more days of school, yeay! XD

I like your side profiles to
What is this? Yes i do belive Skye's dad is Sporting the "Comb Over"
I PAWN you! i am know 15! >:D

...oh yeah and adoooorable page