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mmm te quedo boonita la del ultimo panel pero no e hallé forma cuando suena el cel :S
ay pobre
sigue asi isas
la mona esta super divis
y bonita
nOooo! pobrecito y ahora que va a hcer
io lo consueloo
ay que feOoo!
io creo que eso ha de ser bn feo
cuando se muere alguien =(
I love her face!
she's soooo pretty!
the boy have reason^^
September 2nd, 2007
yaayu is really cute! and a genius !!!!!
I love your draws!! and the color is great! I wanna see more!
September 2nd, 2007
OMG baeautiful place!!!!! with rabbits soooo cutes!!!!!!
she's soooo adorable and funny!
well....I still read your comic cause is very funny!!!!!! I love it!
kyahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! It's a pretty girl shu!!!!! OMg the face of your girlfriend!!!!!1 It's really funny this hehe XDDDDDDDDDDD
yes. of course this page is
really cuuteeee! ^^
she's sooo great!
she's sooo funny!!!!!!!!!!
she want to be the perfect
girlfriend for your boyfriend!!! ^^
and for this... she`s cute!!!XD
She's the only single!!!!!!!poor!
I really like this page , it's so funny!
this page is very very pretty!
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!poor!!!!!! 70 days !!!!!!!!!
he`s really very busy and your girlfriend
soooo sad!!!!!!!!!! U.U
This is a beautiful page!!!!!!!
i love it hehe, I can't wait
for see more ^^
an update!!!!!!XD Im sooo happy!!!
I love your comic >.< and I wanna see
more!!!!!!! thanks hehe
July 19th, 2007
the place is very pretty! XD
July 18th, 2007
your comis is great!!!XD
I like it!