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Hiatus is over! Brian confronts Nicolette over his failing grade that's due to James.
Since someone asked me on DeviantART what happened to Idril's bruise (which -as you can see - has not gone away, but is concealed by makeup), here's an extra of the girl's Monday Morning Activities.
It's the Monday that the project is due! Idril walks to school with her friends and tells them about the events of last Friday Night!
Lily tries to get ahold of Samson.
Vincent reflects on his past to find Idril, and comforts her.
Vincent reflects on his past while he searches for Idril.
Idril's Mother found her report Card.
Idril gets an unexpected phone call and hands it off to her mother.
While Vincent runs away from the swooning fangirls, Idril decides to pop on him and apologize for what happened earlier.
Vincent enters the classroom after his trip to the nurse's office, surrounded by whispers about what happened... And he's getting tired of it.
Have you ever felt so confused and emotional that you don't know how to think?
The moment you've all been waiting for. Sorry for the looooooooong wait.
James finally gets his question out to Vincent, and he doesn't seemed to pleased with the answer.
Idril is rather shy and gets nervous when the attention gets turned onto her. James' attention turns to Idril as well, as it has to do with Vincent and her. She starts to hear the rumors going around and panics, blurting something out that Lily told her in confidence on their walk in the morning before they ran into Alaska.
@akeena: I'm glad someone thinks so!! :D
@AltoSonium: It was a bit harsh. :(
@akeena: So far, yes... they're dealing with some of the consequences that they are not wanting to acknowledge. But I do think that people will like this chapter as a whole :)
As James begins to talk to Vincent, Samson sits down with some interesting news.
We get a special appearance from One-Hit-Wonder-Boy and Brian stirs up trouble with Alaska.
Samson confronts Lily with determination.