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Paper cuts of doom!
Evil laughs tend to be infectious. =P
Awwww~! And Alice seems completely oblivious. XD
No touching! XD Ahh, I can empathise.
Ahhh, oh deary me. That's his friend coming back to be a pain, is it not?
I do hope that computer is going to appear again, I feel Alice and it would be good allies.
Nice sleep-ware... //>.>\\ Alice doesn't even notice, poor sleepy girl~ XD
Siaran Solvar
November 9th, 2011
Awwwwwww~ She looked so hopeful. XD
His friend is an arse. I:<
His friend appears to be the personification of decorum, manners and intelligence. :P
Awwww, he acts like such a spoilt little genius.
Siaran Solvar
November 9th, 2011
A nice gesture, but this means she can't escape if he decides she needs to be... fired.
Nasty Doctor! Be nice to your employees. Especially when you start blowing up gauges when they're not there. In the top panel, she's kneeling/leaning on him, right? Or is he just really tall?
Huzzah! >8D Stupid landlord!
'Nawwww, guess whom matters~ ^^
Pssssh! Stupid landlord! Kill him, doctor! He's a danger to your Ali- Erm, I mean, your plans!
Hmmm, why do I get the feeling Alice would last longer in the long run...? XD
What an arse he's being to her. >8[ Set the zombie on him!
Nooo! Run, Alice, run!
Ahhh~ Although the anatomy is a little iffy, this is amazing. ^^ Kinesis is so adorable.