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Don't like putting up infomation...

I think I'm a water dragon... >.=.<

oh hell I'm watching a lot of comics...
I have a Da account to btw, here:
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    Darko Dragon
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running gag :D

very nice.
nice, was surprised,

hmm. a panther, or a marsupial...

nice work
I forgot who the maskedguy was for a sec, then I remembered and lolled
I hope I'm not the only one think RIP pikachu, and RIP Atty's jumper.

given his training skills. and the whole pokemon chart thing...

nice page btw you do cute pokemon very well
ether what ninja kitten said, or given the final expression, she has heard something, and she don't like it
that's entertaining

nice work

nice, unfortunately I can't help you with Spanish but I hope you do find someone.

Luna looks more amused by this.
... heh
No wait! *crash*
hyper time >.=.<
nice work.
lol, it was not Atty that wants dragon thing dead.
heheheheheeheheheheheheheheheehehheeh *repeat until death*

nice work mate
lol, nice work, that vanish is mighty handy