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i like albert wesker. he's my favorite villian on resident evil, also i'm a random person you might read my comments that have Random reading
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@foxpuff:*hugs* its ok foxpuff
@Draven22: Draz: hmm yo-yos should i ok YO-YOs
@TeamSonicPrezREBORN: do u already have the soul of hitler if u dont i can offer him up to uu master hades
@Draven22: what the heck is wrongwith u
@Fusion Kirby: u r a cold heartless person
@TeamSonicPrezREBORN: Are u hoping its a soul cause i can give a soul
@Fusion Kirby: do u feel bad for doing that to epicness
@epicness: i can tell u stright i went through hell and back
@Fusion Kirby: 0 wait what planet are you from
@epicness: BY 3 F...... YEARS
@Draven22: it max out for gods sakes and i got the hydra as well
@epicness: in 3-4 weeks im going to be 15
@Fusion Kirby: that is what i meant
@Fusion Kirby: Why don't you have any siblings
@Fusion Kirby: Kirby i respect u and all but u r like a ninja more than a knight dude in my opinion and wut do u mean by silbing rivally
@TeamSonicPrezREBORN: my bad i really need to get on more
@epicness: between whom
@Fusion Kirby: when u got in u somewhat scared me