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I may or may not be Prince Derek in disguise.
Wow this is really amazing!!! I love the art style and I'm really interested to see where the story goes!
Srsly losing my shit over the baby comment
January 19th, 2012
Where's his PhD? o_o
dflakfjsdakljfasldkj awesome.
January 19th, 2012
Ahhh so cute :3 but it's a bit hard to keep track of characters. I'll have to reread ^^
I laughed so hard my roommate asked what the hell was wrong with me xD
January 18th, 2012
Very interesting. I'm still trying to work out the hierarchy and mechanics of this world you created, but I like it :)
Waaah What will happen next ;A;
Dammit no! D:
Ahh I love this comic :3 love the filler too
I don't know which is more awesome, your comic or your comments xD

(hint: It's your comic)
NUUUUUUUU~ I always hated that part of the movie!
December 27th, 2011
THIS IS AMAZING :D I love the story and the characters and the colors and pretty much everything :3
Love this comic :3 Especially Sebastian and Scuttle
Fuck logic :D lolol
:D Ahhh this is awesome!~
*HINT HINT* >//_//>