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Call me Matty or Phleg <3

I have two comics being worked on right now but only one is anywhere near being ready to begin and that's the one I'll put more emphasis on.

Those two are;
Dark's Hideaway
For Whom They Sing

Any others are stress relievers/an excuse to draw shit (*cough*Are You A Boy Or A Girl*cough*).

Dark's Hideaway is a psychological horror and is the major comic, it's my more serious project.
Status; Writing begun.

For Whom They Sing is a strange gay gore story about a guy who speaks to guns, the guy who has to deal with him and the girl they kidnapped.
Really it's just about a fucked up guy with a weirdo disease who hears guns talking to him... yeaaahhhh, it's still a better love story than Twilight.
Status; First few pages sketched but about to be revised and rewritten.

Watch out for these two
February 16th, 2013
ting works better for the soft sound of bells I think :3
January 15th, 2013
I think the effect is showing its worth now, it's intriguing how it's all playing together, with the voice overs in the panels with Seb it gives the scene a different sort of mood.
This is awesome, it's a completely different side of him and I love it! This flashback is good and I hope you'll give us more of these in the future? <3 (oh and indulgence with naked guys is always fun >D)
Ahh we'll see, I hope they are too but I'm fine with waiting and overthinking xD We'll have to chat about it then~
Ah well, in a comic he can pass for charming xD Sometimes, I certainly hope so xD
HUZZAH GUTHLAC! :D This transition is fantastic, it's interesting and adds contrast to the scene with Seb (which by the way is fantastic ;D) I'm very interested in seeing how this goes, but I wonder at the emotions that you're trying to express by having the two scenes overlap.
After all this is Fidus' subconscious, so why would it need to play these two together? Is it a show of some latent guilt over the betrayal? A sign of genuine affection? A feeling of remorse? I'm very interested in this and I think the coming pages will be very, very interesting.
I think this flashback is turning into one of my favourites and not just because of the steam! xD Also because of the depth of psychological questioning it can provide not just into Fidus' mind but also Seb's and Guthlac's.
Everything is coming along in rather interesting ways <3
Yep, I have two cats and two dogs, babysitting a third dog at the moment. My life is full of animals xD
One day you can have a pet! :D
January 7th, 2013
TV Tropes is where all my spare time goes to die. That and Tumblr.
Pfft I see through your little facade!
You know the fact that Enthrall has barely started excites me, I mean huzzah that means there's lots more! xD
Oh man, well I hope you free time isn't being eaten TOO much? xD
It's not very noticeable, I probably wouldn't have ever seen it if you hadn't mentioned it XD
I hate people like that IRL who are complete jerks but nobody cares because they have a certain charisma about it and I'm jealous of all their friends XD
Moar Guthlac! Haha it's alright, I like hearing your thought process, it's interesting! I guess if the transition isn't extremely clear then it could become confusing, so I'll have to wait and see what you go with though so far you haven't confused me at all with transitions so I have faith in you! <3
Same with me, I welcomed a new cat into the household so it's been a good one! Glad to hear yours was good too <3
December 27th, 2012
Ohohoho bit of a bar hopper are you? ;D
I'm excited to learn all this, geeze, I'm so invested in this comic I didn't realise you were only at page 15! I'll add Squishy's past flames to my list of ideas, questions and fangirl-stupidity xD
Harvey doesn't always do this 'odd date thing with a man I found on the road' thing but when he does he makes sure to delve into the other's psyche until they feel uncomfortable! That's the only way to do a date, Harvey, anything else is incorrect!
December 23rd, 2012
Now you mention the part it's all I can seeeee D:
On a more flattering note I think Fidus has just reached a new level of how much he amuses me xD That arrogance and by god the boy's smooth, I lost it a little when I read that 'Me.' Genius!
What a terrible thing to make someone consider! That poor innocent, tie or- no. I can't even finish that, the tie can be sacrificed for the greater good XD
Let's not tell Jack!
Guthlac, one day I shall understand you, oneday!
I wanna wish you happy holidays! Whether or not you celebrate Christmas I feel this is a time to wish people well so therefore here I am, wishing you well! <3
December 20th, 2012
I noted the exact same thing about the bar scenes when I saw this page I was like 'I wonder if she's tired of drawing bars yet?' xD
Ohoho so we know Squishy's type, eh? ;D
I wonder could there be another tall blonde in his past we'll find out about? Ahh the questions! I should write them all down and tick them off as they're answered xD
Hooray for Freckles! :D
Yep! Their chemistry really is fantastic, strangers who just seem to work within the same space as one another, I love seeing that <3
I love Squishy already, he comes across as very complex even if he's not really sure of that at this stage anymore than Harvey and the readers are!
The southern hemisphere does it better ;D
December 14th, 2012
The tie was a neccessary sacrifice in the cause of the greater good of blocking all of Seb's attempts at falling in love xD
Just throwing this out here that I love Jack already, he's badass! Even if he did just attack a vampire who I'm sure really couldn't give a damn about this pathetic creature and his knife xD
I'm excited to have my opinions changed! It shows good writing and presentation if you can change how I think of or feel about any given character so the challenge is set! ;D
My paranoia refuses to let me trust Guthlac just yet - not enough is known about him and my mind's like 'D:< TRUST NOBODY.' xD
You're completely right and that's so important - knowing where to place scenes for the greatest impact. You chose well with this one <3
December 11th, 2012
I adore this page, he two scenes flow together easily and it doesn't seem at all busy despite the face that really there are three scenes (not two) within it.
Plus Freckles McGee is adorable xD Then there's the expressions throughout it, Squishy's hidden suspicious and wary glance and then that pretty little smile of his where people can see it. Plus the dialogue between Harvey and Squishy is really awesome, laid back and friendly, good chemistry <3
Though I do have to wonder what Squishy's thinkng and feeling right now, a lot has happened which he can't remember (THE ALCOHOL WILL SOLVE THAT) and he seems incredibly calm, but yeah, makes me curious what's going on inside his mind x3 <3
Your update schedule isn't really that eratic and time wise since you're so close it's much better than the American comics I stalk, I'm often still awake when you update xD
December 11th, 2012
Poor Fidus, that was a nice tie. That was just rude, Jack, very, very rude. No manners.
You're getting a cintiq?! That's the coolest thing ever! They're such bamfs of artistic equipment <3
Everything's better without clothes ;D My opinion on all of them could still change of course, there is still story to be had! However as things stand I'm pretty much with everyone else, expect for pitying Guthlac, I regard him rather carefully and the boat's still out on my thoughts on him :)
It's such a powerful thing this flashback for the reason that we know it won't last, we know what happens later on it's dramatic irony at its finest and it's heartbreaking to see him so light hearted given that knowledge. I dunno if you've ever studied any Ancient Greek plays but it's a very Greek notion that dramatic irony <33
I love that, he knows himself, knows the effect he can have on others, knows how to use it, making him quite the dangerous sort of individual <3
But all the Tumblr lesbians at least live in your country, my home of Australia is the land of the creepy night bloggers xD
December 4th, 2012

Alcohol sis the number one cure for amnesia, or hadn't you heard? Harvey is clearly a medical professional. XD
My god I love Squishy's hair and eyes in the clearer light <3
My, my, my who could these new creepers be? IT stations and scientific facilities never bode well, man, never. So many question! Namely, could Squishy be this 'Hale' they're referring too? Or was Hale the person who bound Squishy?
I'll be waiting eagerly for the next page >:3
November 30th, 2012
Pretty much what I think, but I enjoy Arin largely because I think he's got the more interesting mentality, he's harder to relate too so I obsessively make mindmaps and try and figure him out xD
But I adore Scarrow since well, his story is precisely the sort I like to read and I think I'm set to enjoy Fidus as well, but we'll have to wait and see about him.
Creeley less so, he gives me the creeps and sets me on edge, especially when he talks to Arin who's far too cute and makes me wanna hit everyone in the face with a shovel to protect him >__>
and Fidus is a charming bastard, his smug face in the 'Superior genetics.' panel is fantastic, really, so far we've mainly seen him in a coma so seeing him awake and sassing is refreshing and endearing and that expression is seriously my new favourite ever xD
L-leave you? D: Not likely, number one stalker/fan, remember? XD <3
November 25th, 2012
Yeahhh the time machine really does make for a rather boring story in the end, if you cut too much it's innacurate, but at least Squish is good at checkers in my headcanon xD
Eternal faith! :D
Awww, poor Harvey, I forsee this ending particuarly badly xD
I'm sad to see the darkness go, your palette was fantastic for the outdoor pages! But this is very pretty, much lighter and we can clearly see Squish's pretty eyes ;)
November 25th, 2012
I think he's the hardest to understand because how he thinks goes so hard against so many of our traditionally western values; Scarrow values his freedom, something that many people of many western countries have died fighting for, it's something we all connect to easier.
They both seem ruled by their hearts and not their heads but it's what those hearts say which differs; Scarrow's passionate determination contrasts Arin's softer but arguably just as strong drive is love - or at least affection for others, he has nothing he neccssarily has to fight for when it comes to himself and that fighting is not the same as how Scarrow fights, it's on a smaller scale but just as important to him. He's institutionalised, he doesn't exactly know how to treat being free and it's that which I think it's hard to connect with.
Just my thoughts <3
Arin in Panel Five is the cutest thing ever! So much optimism and affection and omg that blush <3
November 23rd, 2012
Nope, no missing here~
Poor little Arin, he was just trying to do what he thought was the right thing to do... even if it was a little reactionary, I mean he could have gotten hurt! Poor Arin just wanted to make sure Fidus didn't get hurt, poor confused little Arin ;__;
But ughh, I'm so excited for the Fidus flashback though, I've been waiting for this since you mentioned it a while ago x3
November 21st, 2012
Oh it's not as exciting as you'd think, lots of waiting around in the timemachine, boring really, there's some hardcore checkers though, xombies always cheat xD
I should hope so, if you finished this and answered nothing I would have no idea what do with that XD I have faith in your storytelling! <3
Just awkward, really overly sexualised sorts of places, I really just swapped 'instincts' with 'skills' and just made it all NSFW because I'm a creeper xD
Yeah he doesn't really strike me as an avid planner, he seems more the spontaneous type of guy - as shown by picking up strangers tied up on the road xD
November 19th, 2012
I never even saw the last page, holy hell what was I doing? I live on the internet, how did I miss an update? D:
Ahh welllll >__>
Anyow, as for adding colour to Enthrall I'd be reluctant as much as I adore it in Mindwash. The colour is fun and I'm looking forwards to seeing how you improve and work with it but I don't think it's really how I want to read Enthrall which I've grown attached to seeing in black and white/greyscale.
Nothing against your colouring (as I mentioned, I love it in Mindwash) I just think I'd rather keep seeing Enthrall as is.
But I'll be happy with whatever you choose so do whatever you're happiest with <3
November 18th, 2012
I choose to make up long winded and insane theories about those clothes involving an international zombie smuggling ring travelling back in time to collect zombies from Communist Russia. Well, until the official stuff is revealed xD It's really the tied up in the rain part which gets me though, that's what really intrigues me; I mean who was he left there for? And who by? Who did he piss off and how badly? So many unanswerable (thus far) questions which - one again - I shall answer in my head with insanity xD
Harvey, did your mother never teach you stranger danger? Ysk, tsk, tsk! A bit weirded out is better than 'LALALALALA SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS' I guess, still not very useful survival wise xD
Oh, and when you said 'all kinds of weird instancts' and followed up with ';)' I went to some very odd places, dear, very odd indeed XD
Why Harvey, that's an awfully creepy last panel of yours right there, just what are you planning? Hm?

EDIT: Wow this comment turned out ridiculous and long >__>