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Likes to assume that she is humorous, enjoys speaking in third person, a procrastinator, and swears quite often. Does't enjoy rude people.
Love's Pandas!! Been NightmareNatarii's bff for like 5 years.
-A badass her head...

"Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant. And die." - Couch Carr (Mean Girls)
OMG! Ahahjfnskhankw!
I am so happy for you!!! I think I'm even more happy cause i've been a fan from the beginning and now i can say one of my favorite artists/authors got married on my birthday xD
I hope you and your HUSBAND will be eternally happy!

P.S this is late cause my computer broke and i didn't realize Smack Jeeves works on my phone now (but i'm not important here, your love will be forever!)
*Raise glass*
So before I got this account, Smack Jeeves wouldn't let me make a profile cause of some error. Well guess what! Now i have the this one, and the two in the picture. So fucking uncool. I have no idea how to get rid of them and I don't know the passwords cause the error told me that everything hadn't gone through
I hate technology as much as i love it.

True Story.
It's more like i'm a derp....which i am....
I have friends...I'm happy i'm not utterly alone...
The Funeral is next week
This is how Maddy would let me know she's here...she's running late though :'<
This comic will probably go fast because it small and quick :)
I saw her when she was making this!!! I told her it was cute then and it's still super cute! Then again the character herself is super cute!!!