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I like playing on computer reading comics and books playing neopets and pokemon crater and battleon and playing mario zelda and kirby and sonic and megaman thats all folks:)
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    My real name is ... Run Away!
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No, adding clothing does not make his version, there the same version with clothing. He could of atleast did some playing with darkness or lightness of the color's, and change the expression a tade.

Tomsonics T-universe charecters or a few of them at least. K lets look, Their all the same in their originol sense but with some defining traits that come back to them.

Like sonics quills curve more downward and he's got a more mean look, or knuckles dreads curve inward a bit.

I'm not saying their bad but, he could take time to fool around with things they could become really good.

~Tomsonics sprites belong to tomsonic, don't edit whats so ever.
Um, sorry, but all you did was add clothing, or recolored clothing.

To make it your own do some editing, like making sonics, quills longer, change the expresdion, excetra.

Like all you did for amy is screw up the contrast, and change her dress color.

Take this into account please.
That one sides smarter.

Do every thing on that one side!
Tried changing the arms.

Check comic for update.
Alright I know what your thinking, I'm changing back/revamping which is true. the previous design wasn't working for me and I like stripes.

Anywii, tell me what you think.

Yes I know the blues shiny, I wanted it like that, unless its severly diliked.
Aww thanks man that means alot coming from you.
Last post, I need to stop sprite hording...

His name is utikal and he's a lakitu, I'm going to sprite some one related to him in the future.

I'm stuck on which arm I should use, and the red glove is a place holder. Any way.

I cant get the goggle things right, they may end up being something else if I can't figure out/ Some brefis me on how to shade them
Making a new charecter.

His name is tazel and he's a bro aka a hammer, fire and boomerange user in bowsers army. Even though he tends to stray from work alot.

I'm stuck on which body attached to the head I should use, A or B

Golds a natural color and blue is winter.

Also: Fuck you adv I have my old in timey feel.
Working with a new style and I so far like it.

Credit to gilan for helping me with the phiranha plant vines.

Wanted to give a chibi like style a try, so I made this.

C+C is apreciated and wanted, even though its just a test with the style.

Arms bug me but I can't get them right.
The background, or thew tower.

Lots of people do it for turny's.
You could do a back ground splice. Along with an edit.
Credit to neo for the arm and head base.

Style: Costume.
Clothing: Only the bikini for now.
@devin: Thanks.

@Mystic: Yoss he is cute.

Limesworper: Kinda, I was trying when I got the idea for a pumpkin with a hoody, and legs seemed silly.
decided to try another costume.

Name: Pumpkin-jack
Bio: P-j is.... well no one no's. He was created holloween and apears to have nothing under the shirt, or legs, but manages to stay in the air. He loves to prank and trick and has gained some... enemies in the past.
Relation ships: Tabby: Partner and life friend.
Deemasterman: Best friend
Born: Halloween night.

Decided to sprite this guy, do to me having the idea in my head for a while.
@Jesus lizard: The last color scheme used to many colors and I like this one, but I will open it up to debait.
Alright I darkened the pink and the poll so far.


Common I need more oppinion guys.
Color choice.
I decided to post this so I can get some oppionion on color scheme. And if I should use a pink or purple mask?

Also, is the pink to bright?

FYI Pink and purple are manly colors!
Started to sprite my charecter as an anthro.

Every things by me except the hair. A friend of mind did it.

Name: Dmasterman(DMM)
Species: Hedgie
Clothing: Pants, shorts combo.
Blue shirt with green sleeves.
Half of a band.