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I like playing on computer reading comics and books playing neopets and pokemon crater and battleon and playing mario zelda and kirby and sonic and megaman thats all folks:)
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    My real name is ... Run Away!
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S.L are you trying for fully costume?

If you are don't at the moment, and if you do only show it to a few people then post it. Thats what I do atleast when I was starting costumes.

Try working on hard edits, making partial costumes and style edits k.

Now for crit,
The shading, like you said is pillowed, there should be no excuse. The shading seems to vary and is not consitent, via the muzzle and arms compared to the clothing, or atleast to me.

The shades vary for the colors, some have five some have three.

Last the pants jut out from where they should be.

Hope that help
K so like crit time.

Shadings pillowed and box like it places. The contrast on the black is really bad and its pretty much imposiole to see the individual shades of it.

The wings dont look like wings to me really, more like weird claw things. Plus it looks kinda weird to have them look the same on both sides.
Judging means the people grading the sprites, spot two to four are given for winning that week.

Head judge spot can't be won and will be given to who ever I see fit for a brief time incase something comes up.

that help?
K heres the run down.
K heres the deal.

After talking to S.L he hsd let me do this. The rules are as followed.

.Any one in the shop can enter.
.Banned contesters are not allowed to enter at the time.

rules about contest bannings.
A person can be banned for a number of reasons for contest's, they are as followed.

The only way to get out of a contest ban is to earn it back, and then it becomes a vote between me S.L, and the other head people.

You may enter with edits, costumes, and style conversions.

Time may be extended in some cases, like if its a big challenge. Background contest may happen to if I find a suitable judge

Note, amy one that wonders why I'm getting the top judging spot, is that I'm the one planning and organizing all this.

Contact me if your interested in being a judge for the first contest.

Can you elaproate, because I consider every thing on the head the head, including the horns.
So yeah, credit to galaxy guy.

just a small style convert.

C+C please.

Some guy named steve.

Completly costume, start to finish.

Watermellon shoes for the win!

C+C please and thank you.

Shadings pillowed, heads a bit flat at the top and the pants cut off at a straight line, they shouldn't do that.

The torso also over rides the pants. The chest fur is also to big.

I suggest working on hard edits, and style conversions before takling costumes.
No, adding clothing does not make his version, there the same version with clothing. He could of atleast did some playing with darkness or lightness of the color's, and change the expression a tade.

Tomsonics T-universe charecters or a few of them at least. K lets look, Their all the same in their originol sense but with some defining traits that come back to them.

Like sonics quills curve more downward and he's got a more mean look, or knuckles dreads curve inward a bit.

I'm not saying their bad but, he could take time to fool around with things they could become really good.

~Tomsonics sprites belong to tomsonic, don't edit whats so ever.

So shadings pillowed, clothing is practactly box like, it lacks shoulders.

Also spines should have curvature to them, unless he coats his spines in cement mix and lets them dry.... which he propaply doesn't.
Um, sorry, but all you did was add clothing, or recolored clothing.

To make it your own do some editing, like making sonics, quills longer, change the expresdion, excetra.

Like all you did for amy is screw up the contrast, and change her dress color.

Take this into account please.
S.L, SMF stop it.

SMF don't comment if he says something like that and just walk away, same for you S.L.

SMF your sprites arn't that great and I can point out a number of proplems. Like shading and shape.

S.L you too, thing I see most common with your sprites is the suffer from bonelessness, or super rigid metal pole bones.

Neither of you can say your better then the other when your sprites have major flaws.

Noe onto the sprite, you took advance/ battle silvers front hair and recolored it and pasted it on a 8bit sonic sprite, this dosn't look well. do that from scratch so it fit with the sprite better, though that may be just me.

P.s. Why does it seem that I'm the only one given crit around here...
This is genimu the desert king.

Another charecter to add to my collection of non sprited/sprited one pose/drawn charecters.

Credit goes to Joel for the base.
Why do the pants cut off right at the shoes? Pants don't do this even for tights jeans. Whats with the random white on the sprite above the nose?

Fix please.
k, so like whats with the arm coming from the chest, stomach area and not the shoulder? Hand bugs me to for some reason.

Carnage arms are hard to see against the torso fix this aswell.
The hell?

Theres no shading what so ever, and if there is the contrast is horrible.

He's also stiff aa hell, like most of your sprtes, and while your sprites have their good qualitities this is reall bad, work on it.

Last but not least the shoes and pants look like either boots or the shoes overlay the pants.

Hope that helps.
Hey guys I'm back.

Yeah nearly done just want some input.

Whisch arms should I use and which ear.
walking poses arn't bad, they just have ood jointing.

Looks good for a first time. shade it and let the arms relaxe more he looks all tensed up.
crit time weee!

some pillow shading on most of the body, except the belly area. The body looks like its leaning forward like he has jelly bones. Why does it look like he's wearing pants when he's naked.

Fix these things please.
So like this my worlds luigi.

Credit to my bud xeon again.

I showed with it and he did some touch ups. He asked to do it.

C+C and be harsh.