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I'm currently focusing on school and stuff but may post some comics in the future, this also counts for my DeviantArt account. I'll work on my stories before I try to work on my art.

My friend-code, of my 3ds XL, is "2423-2287-8386" If you want to become my friend(?) just PM me. I play Pokemon games such as X and Y.
And my Storm8 ID is FlannieHB, my level in Dragon Story is 10+. I lost my old account... Meh.
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@MoogleSam: I never said that I completely trusted Del. I didn't say how, why nor when I would trust him. Wait, you've called me stupid? And you don't have to tell me the whole story, I don't care.
I would trust Del. I've learned, from PMD, that the "bad guy" might be the good guy and that your partner is an idiot.
Man, I got scared.
wait, isn't this a real manga? I found this on a manga site... I kinda liked it ^-^
That's exactly how my Pansage died, he was sooo young!!

R.I.P Pancake 10-20
@thecreator: Eevee is a fox? I thought that it was just a cute dog...
This is the first Nuzlocke that I like even through I still don't know what a Nuzlocke is... That Cyndaquil is super cute! Cyndaquil is my favorite starter! Love it!
Ah, I also thought that it was a scizor... Well, looks like I'm really late.
Ah, that eevee is so cute.