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Ah, I'm always so bad about these... I joined because of a certain webcomic that absolutely deserved comments! Maybe I'll do a webcomic when I get a tablet, we shall see. Anyway, Current obsession and therefore awesome way to start a conversation with me: HETALIA! Man, so obsessed right now! Oh, and I'm one of those ever-infamous yaoi-fangirls, so watch out...
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He's already gotten down to half a bottle lol
It scares me to think I've been along for quite a few of those years. Time flies!

I think a nice night of just watching the snow falling, even just out of a big window, snuggled up with a fire and lots of blankets. For them, a quiet moment somewhere secluded seems best.

Congratulations, and thank you for all of your hard work all this time!
He gave him the full injection, huh? Poor Oliver :C
So, I know this is totally off topic and not about our favorite boys at all, but I really want Sabrina to hook up with Carolyn. But now she's dancing with Angi, and I'd be okei with that too... Gosh. I don't even know where this came from. But she's cute!
Wow, no, okei. So, I'm rereading this right now, and I have some music on, just a random playlist on shuffle. I kid you not when I say that I read your Author's comment at the exact same time that Anna said it in the song, and wow. That was a little scary.

At least I have cuddly boys to make me feel better.
Well, points to Lucky for being honest, at least. I mean, sure, he's a murderer by proxy, but at least he came clean. So he hasn't totally lost his humanity.

Oliver, on the other hand... Not even phased. I bet he already knew.

Oh well. Let the BL ensue.
@asd: Oh god, now I can't unsee them as his eyes-
Since this is so adorable, this will suffice. What is he cooking though? Chocolate?
Weeeeell then. It looks like he's going to let his emotions get to him. May she rest in peace, Oliver have mercy on her soul.

I'm still holding up hope that he won't let his emotions get the better of him. Come on, Lucky!
I love Lucky, and of course I'm rooting for Oliver romance wise, but we can't get too angry at her for cutting him. I mean, yes, it was violent, and yes, she was cheating, which is wrong.
But Lucky threw something at her. He may not have meant to hit her or anything, but she had a right to defend herself if she thought she was in danger.
So, just keep in mind, Lucky isn't perfect either. It was just a bad relationship all together, bad for both sides.
I'm a bit worried, since he does have it in him to throw something at her. Not only that, he's looking a little sinister. Fingers crossed that he doesn't give in just because his emotions are high, but this feels a bit like foreshadowing, in my opinion. If he gets violent when he's angry, well... I guess we'll see what happens.
December 8th, 2013
That's what he's worried about. What a fantastic character.
Ah, I love these idiots. They're precious, in their own way. Oh Scott, you done goofed.
I'd just like to take a moment to point out Oliver's face in that bottom panel. Cute much? I want to feed him marshmallows and tell him it's going to be okei.
November 10th, 2013
Did he... Just eat... an apple core? Mace, no.
I wonder if Lucky knows how lucky he is.
And I think it would be interesting to see each character's reaction to Oliver's ailments, but I don't know if that will ever come up. A week feels like so long when you're waiting for something!
Oh jeez, look at how many feels Oliver is having suddenly. He's surprised, and then you can just see him melt right into it. Can I just say: This is where it all begins for these two, and I'm loving it!
September 22nd, 2013
@flash2cute14: Me too! I tried three times before I realised!
You should have heard the noise I made when I got to that last panel! It was like a cross between a giggle and a whoop, and all together it was just obnoxious. My dog looked at me pretty funny. But I was surprised! But I'm also very excited to see where this awkward couple will go from here!
Wow, a character in a BL comic that... Well, he's actually quick on the uptake! Dylan just got a whole lot of points! Good for him! And it should be fun to see this story progress from now on!
I needed some relaxed vampire love. This comic is just so... What's the word... Domestic? It's not all about "Oh, I'm a vamp, therefore I must, of course, be on the run from some other mythical creature, and there will never be down time for us because clearly this creature that is hunting me will never stop or even take a break, and all of our time spent together must be full of breathy, passionate, very fast-paced love! Oops, I'm mortally wounded!" Like every other vampire story is. This is nice, down to earth... Sorry, I just really like it. Oh, and I think I asked before, about Joa, but I'm curious about Jess too. Do you use Finnish pronunciation? I think you said it was pronounced "yoa," but is Jess pronounced "yess?"