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This just makes me laugh so much....btw, you mispelled Aphrodite in the first panel...the 'r' and 'o' got mixed up. Just wanted to let you know.....not that it really matters with how quickly done this comedy is...
Don't worry Kratos....I'll let you fly me anywhere you want....
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! I'm so excited for the update *camps out to read the next page when it comes up*

And uh...I have a bad habit of noticing bloopers in EVERYTHING (even my own art after it's finished) and I noticed that Keiko's missing a ring...Not that it's a bad thing...I mean, I only noticed it because I seem to have a knack for spotting stuff like that.
I love are Arei seems just so bored with the fight. Taron's really about to get his ass handed to him.

Well, there's really nothing better than a sword fight between two hot guys. <--Taron's abs make me drool...
Gods....Hades is the best big brother in the cosmos!
Wow....I almost didn't make it with this page...been so busy with work and everything this week...oh and this is like a Japanese manga, so read right to left!
Yay, you got a new tablet! Congrats on the anniversary too.
I'm literally doing a happy dance right now. I have been anxiously awaiting this page and I'm so excited you got it finished! Keep up the good work.

I also raise my hand in wishing to be Keiko. He is so CUTE!

(and i understand the work thing, it's the same for me...i barely managed my Christmas update...)
Merry Christmas!
I had hell with this editing program made me start over on it TWICE! And it did it the second time on Christmas Eve! Anyways, Merry Christmas and here's hoping I can get the rest of the Prologue done in the way, this is a scene with Rosaria and her love interest Bertha. And yes, that is supposed to be a cat that Rosaria is holding.
Pure agreement!
I completely agree that everyone in this comic is sexy fire~

Love this comic!
Drawing this is really hard work...and see what I meant by sucking at drawing hands and feet? The poses were hard for me too. But I'm gonna keep working and hopefully by the time I get to Volume 2, I'll be really update will be Wednesday, as usual.
So here's page two. And please bear with me. I also suck at drawing architecture...believe it or not, the building on this page was drawn using the simplest of features on PAINT. You know, that really crappy image editor all computers automatically come with? The one without a layer feature or even decent color selection. Yea, the straight line and curved line tools were what I had to resort to using--because you do NOT want to see the original sketch of this page...I can't draw straight lines to save my life.
Starting Up
This is my first comic, so be kind to me. I will warn you right now that I am horrible at drawing hands, feet, and movement (this comic is doubling as practice so I can improve those).
I was so excited when I checked and saw this updated! After a long day at work it's great to see a favorite finally off Hiatus. And I for one always check the info page for updates before I look at the pages...can't wait for the next update~!
Poseidon's so cute! Great page.