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Im an awesome person! I like spriting, games, going on the computer, going to hang out with friends. My hobbies are spriting, gaming, and getting active. And im single :c I miss Issy...
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Like your drawings, dude!
At least its no recolor.
Id work on it still. But a good start. You get my THUMB OF APPROVAL!!!
I just love this character, its like, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO original :D I think I want the character SOOOOOOOO BADLY I could just DIE!!!

LOL seriously, next time make somthing ORIGINAL (Not a recolor HINT HINT)
Dude... this is just a recolor...
Looks good, and im afraid of Spiders :3
@bravewolfd: Your gonna have to ask WhiteBladeZero, my good friend!
As always, this is AWESOME!
LOL! Oh, hey Whiteblade, its me Chris!