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Oh goodness it is nice to see this comic updating again! I certainly missed it!
definitly... nosa and I actually did a whole day of caricatures of people for a school event and mine looked horid... guh, at the end of the day everybody's looked the same I was so tired.

and thank you! also, LOVE your comic > w <
yes, apologies indeed!
we are soooo sorry that we have taken this long to start updating again guys! and for those of you who have stayed fans in our long absense, we thank you! hahaha... yeah, sorry.

Nosa is actually beside me right now working on page updates so actual story updates will hopefully be up soon! nose and I are going to try to be better about updating too, and since it is summer it all looks very possible. thanks for being fans guys! ^ 3 ^

edit: OH! and yeah, so, nosa and I really do look better then that in real life... my nose is weird and hard to draw and for some reason I couldnt get Nosa's eyes right... the way I drew them is making her look devilish and kinda cat-like... oops. ^ ^;
hehehe, your welcome.

also, ADORABLE! bwahahaaha
oh poor drake... but I am quite glad to hear more about the background story now! WhaHa!

aaaalso, Drake is super delicious looking in the second to last panel, WONDERFUL JOB!
b > 3 < d
I really like the way you set this page up. The transition between the drake emotions is really neat. It is just a well layed out page, and I must congradulate you on it! ;)
again again, oh well, he is a stubborn knida guy
ohhh... drake, thats just mean! but its also a tid bit cute, so i guess your just lucky because of your ears comment!
ahh doylie, you are correct, but he is not my hot date at this moment, he hasnt asked me out yet in that point in time portrayed up there ^_^
yeah... i cant keep blaming joan i know. and again drake is just so quick with good stories! <3
i guess your right... but she is a tad aggravating on this page... hmm
GWAH! hot!
hah, Joan has nooooo faith.
wow, he did, drake is just on top of everything now isnt he?
that is just adorable. he looks so sweet
February 8th, 2008
that would sorta freak me out too. O _ o
woah, go Drake! so quick with responses, he should be a secret agent.
yeah i see that now, but hey, he has more things to worry about what with the super cool dragon behind him
goodness, Drake has an answer for everything doesnt he? even their glasses!
i feel enlightened, this had been bothering me with the simple physics for a loooong time, thank you for clearing it all up for me ^ _ ^