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I enjoy photography, games, doing models (the plastic kit kind unfortunately, not the real life female kind. Oh well) Comics, simulations. When I'm not involved in these activities I'm usually plotting world domination or how to kill the pet cat and make it look like an accident.
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I'm saying he had ISSUES WITH syphilis, not that he HAD syphilus. But I see where you may have been confused.
Author's Notes:
I'm not a big Star Wars fan if you haven't noticed. I enjoyed the original 3 movies as a kid, but the newer 3 totally killed Star Wars for me.
No matter where you go and what you do, you cannot escape from Star Wars nerds. Everytime a popular game comes around, the Star Wars nerds will make some kind of Star Wars modfor it, or like in this comic, name their character after someone or something in Star Wars. Doesn't matter what the game is about, Star Wars will be there. Make an easily mod-able World War 2 shooter, and you KNOW someone is going to make a light sabre, or blaster mod... Or even make an X-wing to replace those P-51 Mustangs...

And don't you hate when you're playing something like World of Warcraft and a complete stranger comes up out of nowhere and asks you to join their guild? I'd rather know something about how that guild plays before I would join up. It would be kind of like marrying someone and THEN going out on a date with them...
Author's Notes:
Sorry the cat's Thompson submachine gun is a bit hard to see.

Thought I'd blatantly rip off a couple of movies for the dialogue in this one...
Author's Notes:
Sorry about the dialogue being so jumbly on this one. It was pretty hard trying to get it all in there.

That seems to be a popular question when talking about super powers. Would you rather be able to fly, or turn invisible? Being invisible would seem to have more uses, both naughty and not.. But yet I've always thought it would be amazing to fly. Good thing we can never really have that choice, because it would be pretty hard to choose. I'd probably end up choosing flight in the end.

The original gag for this was how when you were trying to DM an RPG, sometimes the players would just start talking about off-topic stuff, and totally forget they were playing a game. It's frustrating for the DM, especially when it reaches the point where the DM can say basically anything without getting their attention.
Author's Notes:
Of course this comic is referring to #26. The reaction of the soldier with the beret says it all in the final panel...
Author's Notes:
This is an old inside joke from an old AD&D 2nd edition campaign I used to play with my brother. After running Underdark adventures and other similar things, we got to the point where we'd always say "I look up" because of the many times where some nasty creature would be waiting for you on the ceiling...
Originally I wanted the spider to be shown hanging from a thread just above the ranger's head. I had too many problems doing that, so I settled for him coming down from the wall and then leaping on top of him.
Author's Notes:
The "wolves" are Worgs from the Lord of the Rings miniature collection. I stayed away from getting any of the main characters from LOTR and only got worgs and orcs. Tried to stay with a "generic" fantasy feel. This was long before I ever had in mind doing a comic with them.

The male piece is a Warhammer mini. An Assassin. I painted him up as a ranger though.

The female piece is "Ashlyn" from Reaper Minis. I've borrowed the mini's name for the few times I've needed to actually use a name for a character.
Author's Notes:
This comic and the next one came about because I accidentally ripped the guy's arm off while mauling him with the mammoth. Instead of just gluing it right back on, I wondered if I could take advantage of it. Turns out it lead to some of my most popular comics yet.

The first panel of this comic I actually shot LAST, after I glued the arm back on. And that spider is actually wielding that sword. There's no Photoshop tricks involved with that. It was funny making it mainly for the absurdity of seeing the spider actually holding the sword with the arm still attached.
Author's Notes:
I haven't actually seen Ugly Betty before. I've seen newspaper ads and billboards for it everywhere though. I couldn't help take a swipe at it after seeing that face. The show is actually doing incredibly well in Australia. I think it went to number one in the ratings, and it's actually doing way better than even Heroes here... (WTF?) My theory on Heroes is that people in Australia must have gotten wind about how good Heroes is, and they've been downloading every episode as soon as it airs in North America. (like me)
Author's Notes:
Yes, that is a female soldier toy. It looks pretty butch, but you can see it has boobs...
Part of the absurdity of this strip, is the thought of a feminist organisation ever using P.E.N.I.S. as their acronym...I once heard a quote that went something like this: "Feminists are women who want to be men, and who act in unfeminine ways."

I usually try and keep my comics to 3 panels, but occasionally an idea takes up a few more. I think this is my first 5 panel comic.
Author's Notes:
"The Guy Game" came out in 2004 and it was kind of a cross between a quiz show and "Girls Gone Wild". Answer enough questions correctly and you got to see real women flash their breasts as a reward. It was a game totally designed for adult men, most notably the college crowd. Even though it was obviously designed for adults to play, it was still banned in Australia and never came out here. I guess the prudes at the Office of Film and Literature Classification still consider gaming to be strictly in the realm of 10 year olds. The Guy Game should be part of a big debate on what kinds of games get banned, and what kinds are allowed to be sold. The Guy Game only featured topless women and maybe a small bit of language and innuendos. Yet the game is banned.. A 12 year old kid can go to the beach here, and spend an entire day at the beach getting an eyeful of bare breasts, for free.. And yet I personally witnessed a 15 year old kid buying Grand Theft Auto San Andreas from a games store. So how come a game where you can kill anyone you want, do drugs, have sex with whores. and is chock full of the most adult language imaginable, be allowed, but you ban a game because there's some video of bare boobs in it? Personally I don't think anything should be censored. Just put an advisory on things so we know what we're getting into. But don't ban anything. And if you do "have" to ban things, at least use some logic or consistency on the things you ban. Just recently Australia banned the game "Blitz: The League" for the 360. Why? Because you can give players injections of drugs on the field when they get hurt.... That has to be the worst reason for banning a game I have yet to see... I fear for the future of gaming in Australia.
Author's Notes:
Another bit of randomness... Here's a bonus strip for today. It was going to be on Webcomic Battle but they declined it for being "ewww". So here it is.
I like it so far. Normally I don't even look at sprite comics because 99% of them suck... But since yours is making fun of all those, I'd thought I'd check it out.
Author's Notes:
This is for all the Dungeons and Dragons players out there. Who hasn't had a Dungeon Master who either did some crazy shit, or allowed someone else to do some crazier shit?
Author's Notes:
Anyone who's ever played an RPG on a console or computer (especially the Japanese ones), knows that you fight a lot of enemies that just make you go "What the...". That's where the Fuzz comes from... Just imagine him like a "slime" or something from one of those console RPGs...

The background photo is by "Ren" and is available for free on
That's awesome, the face is hanging off the guy's mouth at the end... lol.
Hey that reminds me exactly of what I went through trying to come up with a title for my own comic....Hardest part of the whole stupid thing was finding a title...
Good catch with the "Mauser" reference, Matto.
Author's Notes:
That, of course, is the Flying Spaghetti Monster. If you're wondering what the hell the FSM is, you may want to start here:

This is a satire on religion and beliefs. Part of the inspiration was James Morrow's quote "There are no atheists in foxholes."

When Christians learn that I do not believe in God, they quickly ask me what if I'm wrong about God? I guess if I am wrong about God, then when I die, the Flying Spaghetti Monster will rape me with his noodly appendages....
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Fart Jokes NEVER get old.