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yay, good to hear!
looking forward to more updates!
so is the story going to continue?
yeah it would be good to hear that youre OK
just wondering if you plan on keeping this story active
I got Nikola which is funny because I dont really identify with that character
all i could think about was how well drawn that coat arm was. Its really hard to draw hanging fabric like that
Why do seemingly random things in her office light up before the pentagram? ie the mug and cabinet handles
lol at jesus' penis line
@coterie: I know art takes a long time lol didnt mean to sound impatient, just wanted to let you know the concept/cover is neat
thanks for the update, you spoil us!
@Vilani: it would solve a lot of his problems though
i like the design of the green haired guy with the scars
we do love you (and your morning cleavage)
i couldn't figure out why shuno looks so different on this page but then i realized it was fear. Its sweet that shuno is so worried about the safety og Kaito
you're updating again, its nice to have you back and settled in your new place
Im a good dancer and care about me apearance but ive never peaked at others in the locker room that would be rude