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I'm sexy and I know it. *wigglewigglewiggle*
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Just so you know.
I read the conditioner bottles too.
Weekly updates is a dream now. It'll update whenever hearthstone is down.
This comic
Was brought to you by Honey.
Has this
Ever happened to you?
Wowie 150 comics!
Now you know the Bear and Honey secret.
I totally forgot
To update last week. My bad. :0 I don't really have a good excuse.
It's not my fault...
The game forces you to lie.
@kirby knight 1000: It said "AH", in Japanese hiragana. Referencing something they do in azumanga daioh.
I guess...
The problem was I wasn't thinking fast enough...
I don't understand
Why you can't just place down the egg and pick it back up. #hunterproblems
Pretty much...
A summary of what I did for the last few months.
My workout isn't working out...
Any tips guys? Especially tips that don't include changing my diet or actual exercise?
Not sure...
Butt I think honey's butt makes a good pint.
It's been 4 months since the last update.... I owe you guys like 20 more comics... Specail thanks to readers that still check in once in a while. You guys are great.<3

My thesis is nearing its conclusion so let's hope that frees up some of my spare time. Fingers crossed*
Sorry for the late comic!
Been trying to keep up with the weekly updates but last week was just crazy. Had 13 hour work days for 5 days in a row...crazyyyyy.
@kirby knight 1000: Should that be the new title?
Traumatized for life
Now Honey always demands to see the plane tickets.
On second thought...
I guess fapping in an empty computer lab is better than fapping in a dorm with 8 other people...

Still.... My hands will never be clean again...