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I enjoy writing and drawing, maybe that's why I think the combination of both is just... Awesome :D
@Miles Hikari: Hahah, it has a habit of dying and resurrecting multiple times... Though the times that it is dead, it's usually replaced by another comic I'm working on X'D

I should probably advertise my deviantart better on here, especially since I reply to comments much more there!
Looking forward to possibly talking to you on dA :D
Sup, guys?!

Oh man, I have no idea why people still follow me on Smackjeeves :'D I am so terrible at uploads... I'm so sorry!!!! </3
I have five pages of Nuzlocke I can upload, and then there will be another hiatus until my dear writer has time off of work C:
Although... if you guys really want to see these when I finish them, I really recommend following my deviantart account rather than this one. I am so bad about updating on this website, and you guys are just so awesome OTL
Whaaat? It's not Halloween, you say? Pfft, well it was Halloween when I drew this! XD
Sorry this took so long to upload, guys!

We've been having some major family-health issues lately, first with my grandpa, then my dad, so there's been a lot of emergency flights, late nights, and early mornings. Needless to say, I haven't gotten much of a break, or some time to draw this comic!

Buuuut, things are starting to look up again, so here's another update! Hoozah!
This page is incredibly lazy, but I still had a lot of fun with it <3 and at this point, that's all I'm trying to do--have fun with this comics and practice backgrounds. >.>

Jeez, Simon, you don't look creepy at all. Nope.
Just so y'all know, this comic will operate a lot more like an AU than anything else... mostly because I really wanted to have comedy relief, and what better way to do that then make the crown a separate existence that only the Ice King can see? Basically that fuzzy, black blob is Simon's "crown" (he still has a literal crown, but in his mind he sees that douchy shadow.)

please don't hate me I always put retarded twists in my comic argh
So, technically I did this back when it WAS Halloween... and I posted it when it was Halloween, too! But now it's here! WHOO.
I really can't wait till this comic starts picking up XD right now it's all backgrounds >.> ... I really like backgrounds, though.
Sorry this is so late, guys! I've been getting ready for ECCC and I've had nooo time to anything personal ;_; BUT, soon I'll be able to draw this comic again! Soooooon!
Long time no see! Sorry about the absence, I'm busy and still busy, but I found some time to work on the new comic :)

Some things to know:

This chapter is vastly different from the last. VASTLY. Do not confuse the two! It's definitely not gonna have as many jokes or puns--I really wanted to practice some serious comics, so here we go! FEELS FOR EVERYONE!
Alright, so this is kinda random and I don't know if it's been asked before--but I gotta ask!

I really love this comic, and do you think you'll ever sell it? I'd love to have a tangible piece of this someday!
ALRIGHT, GUYS! END OF CHAPTER ONE! DONE AND DONE! The cartoon only takes 11 minutes, but I take almost a year ;D eheheh, aaah, agh, gah.... Jeez.

Aaaanyway, time for some heads-ups! This chapter was just a little practice comic--seriously, I had no script, no real direction, I just had a fun idea and made a for-fun-comic. BUT, I really loved doing it, and I really loved the fact that I met a lot of new people through it, so I will be doing another chapter!

The next chapter, however, will be SOOO much better. Oh God, it will be so SO much better than this one. Why, you ask? Because it will have an actual plot! HOORAH! It, uh, might have some little dramas here and there, too, just because I was asked to do it by some friends XD so! I'll update soon with more information! HOORAH
just as an FYI, next page will be the last of this chapter, but I might not start the next chapter that following week. I'm currently working on a mini comic, and I might post pages of that until it's done, THEN start on the Adventure Time comic. I have... I'm doing a LOT of art and it's really hard to balance it out O_O so, uh, patience, my friends! Patience!
WHOO, had to do this page fast! Soooo there's no background >.> eheheh
WHOO, just in time for Christmas! Happy holidays, everyone!
Pseudo Finn, you should go into fashion. The things you can do with a little bit of mysterious rope and bone.
HEEEEEEEEY guys! Didja miss me? I missed you guys Q_Q

November is over, so that means I'm back and ready to update! :D WHOO!
Hopefully just as frequent, but I also got a job and finals, so who knooows~~~

@Maxfreak: No sir! I take November off every year for NaNoWriMo >.>
BUT! It is December now, so that means updates continue!
Hey guys! National Novel Writing Month begins in just a few days, and I plan to do it for my 3rd year in a row <3 of course, it takes up a lot of my time and plus the fact that I still have school and traditional commissions to tend to.... SO, this might be the last update for JUST a month. Just! It shall be back, AND I might update occasionally when November turns around, but there's no guarantee for, like, anything.
I won't be able to update tomorrow (oct 21) so have my peace offering instead :'D a peeved Gunther wearing a pikachu costume