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Oh I love those two so much! So sweet!
;A; This story is so moving for me.
These kids always make me giggle~
Ooh I think about cabbages, too!
@Black Collar:
VERY bad. xD I laughed though.
This is a cute page!
I always do something awkward like call her cute within the first 5 minutes... >///<
I know exactly how you feel darling....
You set up this page perfectly! Not to explicit but just enough to really understand what she's going through. ^u^ Thank you.
I have to disagree with her. -u- It is quite an amazing experience.
i like it! leave the pace. this is a sweet story.
Ah yes. And everyone looks at you, sitting all alone, and they KNOW you're on your period. ;A;
That coach kinda creeps me out. o-o
What an adorable reaction! X3
ugh i'll find ones that live in ohio but they're already taken!!!
But just have the first three panels all by themselves~
I sense some spades~ do you? <3<
I'm seriously feeling some redxblue here!
hey waaaait that makes purple! omg! X3