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March 16th, 2012
Incubus in that last panel, I can't get over that expression. His features look like a mix of genuine confusion towards the anger and puppy dog eyes that say, "You're going to hit me aren't you?"
Yay! Update~ Welcome back!
@RingoRina: You can't beat the Hello Kitty condoms, they're just that bad ass. XD
Porno Cake
Pornographic cakes, berries, and condoms... I won't be able to look at a cooking magazine the same again... thanks guys. lol
Exactly what I would've done, Carter. Good job.

Serious comment: Love the expression in this page. Also love the 4th panel, the way Carter's arm and finger are actually pressing against the other guy's face and shirt. Surface interactions that I've noticed allot of artists forget or leave out.
Alright, time for a serious comment for a change from my usual fan-gasming. I must admit I love how you managed to capture the cramped up, uncomfortable feeling on this page. Not just in the words, but the way the page seems to converge on Carter draws you into the same cramped space and situation he's in. Very true to life.
Pout-y Face~
Poor Carter... he looks all pissy and grumbly... somebody's realizing he screwed up~ X3 ((So angry, but still cute~))
Leave it to your best friend to point out the obvious when you're being an idiot.