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the way the bricks collapse is beautiful
July 15th, 2013
it's so cute. I low the way it's slow, and not having them kiss was a good idea. Love the style! The character designs are awesome too. Is there anything you aren't good at? :)
that dragon. is just.
FABULOUS. and those boots
@Lesser Key Studios: Thanks! When i finish it i'll post a picture of it on deviantART. I'll let you know when.
I just wanna give her a hug. That must be terribly lonely to be the only one.
@Lesser Key Studios: Hey, I was wondering, would you mind if i took your idea for a mask like Janus'? I'd let people know where i got the idea from. My school is having a masquerade and i thought of this immediately,then i thought it would polite to ask first.
I got rain. The description fits me so well, it's awesome. Did you make this quiz? It's really good.
Rain- You are peaceful and musical. Usually, you're relaxed, slow-paced, and steady. Sometimes, however, you get a bit tough. Your life revolves around rhythm and music. Generally, you are calm and relaxed.
Little bit late, but happy birthday! Hope you have a nice one.
You look awesome! I'm really happy for you :)
i have claimed comment virginity! that being said, this is so cute. i love when characters bond.
@KitaAngel: that many?! I can't stand spiders, and in my house they seem to be huge. So tempted to move to Alaska where it's too cold for the little buggers. (Or would they just grow hair?)
Aww, Itchy being sweet. This is cute.
@Falconer: never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do. Even if sometimes life gets in the way and you have to fight yourself, dreams are worth reaching. You are a brave and wonderful person, which is why i will not worry. You shine brighter than any darkness, and therefore it cannot hold you as long as you hold on. :)
I guess Janus got some of those feathers after all, huh? Anyway, this is awesome!
I love how he says what with no question whatsoever. It's how i'd react.
Haha. When i was smaller i used to do this. My mom would grab a second bear while i held on to the first, then pay for one and switch it with me so i always had a bear. I love your comics, by the way. So awesome to have something to look forward to.
Your drawing skills do not suck.