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Other than smackjeeves stuff, I like reading Least I Could Do, Slackerz, VG Cats and XKCD. I've been hitting up Black Ops and BC2, if anyone wants to party up my gamertag is xDelta Charlie, tell me ur from SJ and I'll probs accept.
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I have gotten a few requests over my short absence. But ice-effects (which can be a broad spectrum of different graphic effects) has been asked for by multiple people. So here's how to make frozen sprites, this works with backgrounds, sprites, anything really. Ice magic I'm a bit reluctant because you can find sprites for that, but I'll see what I come up with for you all.
Next tutorial
So I am currently working on a frozen sprite tutorial. It's simple-ish compared to this one. Also before making requests plz check to see if previous tutorials apply to what u are trying to do (I hav been getting some repeat requests)
Energy shield
This one was a fun effect to figure out how to make. Again, requests are encouraged. I might not get to everyone's but I will try to get to the either important or interesting sounding ones. Anyway, shout out to RikusGaurdian for requesting this effect, for advertising Static Noise, and for being a fan.
There is a tut on panel making, a tut on speech bubbles, a tut on resizing, some tuts on effects (but not all...yet?) put them together and thats comic-making for ya
Static Noise
So I'm starting a sprite comic, see how it goes, if it doesn't last at least this will. But check it out. There's only 1 comic so far, but it's a remake of one of my old comics, so plot is already written. I feel bad for advertising, but whatever, check it out.
Yah, but the file size gets too big for SJ restrictions, it sucks, quality is lost.

Can you be a bit more specific?
This is more for graphics than comics but it looks good nonetheless. If anyone figure outs how to incorporate this into comics, feel free to share
Also I MIGHT start a new TWEWY comic (not multi-author tho) with alternate plot, just same characters. It'll probly be called Static, I tried to make it before. I'll post link if it gets started
Other tutorials
Also if this blood thing didn't work out as well as you guys want, and you want more blood, then that will be the next. But if that's good for now I figured out how to make really sick fire. so its your call which is next, probably won't be out for a few days
So I didn't realize how shit the background was for this tutorial until I was well into it. So, just deal I guess, more blood effects will come soon, but I like to use this one a lot. Try it for yourself, play around with settings, experimentation is the best way to learn
It's like a sixth sense, so sad... at least now I just can do my guide to Paint.Net
Blood Tutorial
So the blood tutorial will be next due to popular demand, as I have read comics, hopefully it won't be too little too late
it's really funny how I went on SJ for the 1st time in a year, and the first update I get is me dying.
Except maybe the curves part (which replace the colorize hue/saturation option on Adobe PS) this is all really basic stuff and it makes realistic fog. It's just a really wordy explanation
Here is another update, idk why I did this now, I probly will nvr update during the week. Here is a fog tutorial that was requested a WHILE ago. Future ref: You have a better change of me doing your requested tuts if you PM them to me.

Side note: If your into digital art, and not willing to pay the $$ for photoshop, check out this program called Art Rage, its about $25 and its decent for the money you spend
Yeah, i've had photoshop elements since my tenth comic or so. i still give advice for PdN but i've moved to photoshop
Glad I could help you start. Hopefully I will have more complex tuts that will still help, and these basic ones like the one above will help a new gen of PdN users
Yeah, i have photoshop elements, PdN is not too good of an art program, but its my first other than MS Paint, so i still love it.
Some work of mine
Done on my tablet, links may fail< br />< br />