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Chuck Norris.

'Nuff said.
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I did not hit her! I did Naht!

Oh, hai Amy!
@The_Project: Yeah, I got bored of this story for some time. But I want to continue it, and finish before these types of stories die down and out and become forgotten and ignored.
I wish it was 2011 again. I made these frequently, I did them while listening to Balla Da Li, and more importantly, Drizzle was here.

Does anyone know where she went, writing-wise?
I wish to join in on this fun, especially since House of Sprite is essentially dead, unfortunately. :(

Hopefully, the fun that was had by all of us three years ago will still live on for a long time. :D
I know: I said 2 days, not a year. But, I've been busy with life, not to mention lazy. Hehe.

However, I really do want to continue this.

As for why he has no clothes on, he'll get some later. I'll be finishing the previous chapter also, seeing as I decided to recreate the models of the Weeping Angels. :D
@Spar Elric: Yeah. I had taken a long break, and came back just recently to find out this story's been dead for a year. I decided to come back and change that. :D
@Hydra: lol

I was just trying out some new fonts. This was the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic font. Doesn't work well with this. Hehe.
I don't want this comic to die. Please, keep it going and alive! Drizzle would want it!
@abro: Oh, right. Heh. Forgot about that.


Wow, I really need to be on here more often.
@abro: Actually, I'm not new. I've been a member of SJ since 2011. To be honest, I'm not a fan of recolors. I had originally made sprites with my OC wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. I found it difficult to do the jacket correctly, despite it being just pixels. If I'm going to prevent bash for my OC being just a recolor, I'll most likely add just a jacket, but right now, he looks just like a recolor for a certain reason. He'll change his appearance in the future.
Storm The Hedgehog BIO
I'm back, baby. My of my OC for the first time in nearly a year.

Ponies got in my life and blocked me out, but this time, I'll try to keep space for Sonic and MLP. If I happen to leave again, it won't be forever. Patience will always be the key.

Original pixel art by Phoenix of Mystical Forest Zone.
@Kurona: Holy hell, thank you! I always wondered why every pixel pic I made came out as a pixelated mess!

Thank you, mate! :D
@Kurona: Does PNG prevent the pixelation in pictures?
The first update in 8 months. Same as last time. Again, I'm extremely sorry I haven't updated since August. I was too busy with other things. I eventually got bored of this story, but I feel like I need to continue this. Surprising how it's been a year and a half since I started this already. Weird, huh?

Anyway, I will continue this story. I'll possibly post the next picture in a day or two. So, enjoy this rushed page. :3
@Hydra: Peace to non-brony bretheren and fans as well!

@abro: Just edited the pic. Now you are! MUAHAHAHA!!! >:D

@abro: Time to edit the pic. Muahahaha! >:3