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Likes pie and making comics.
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November 23rd, 2016
Ok! Hello again. Smackjeeves tells me it's been 6 month since I updated? Wow ok ouch how did this happen. I've been busy with another project lately (Bromantic Comedy on tapastic go check it out) so this comic was put on the back burner.

This makes me sad! I really like this story and the characters but I don't have as much time now. I would still very much like to continue it and I want to know how many of you are still following the comic. Let me know what you think!

It's hard to pick up an old comic because the older pages make me cringe a little but starting over seems like a mistake so I'm planning on continuing as is. One option for quicker updates would be to take a dip in quality and do more of a sketch comic style any thoughts? (the quality of the sketch would be better than this I promise)

Your input would be greatly appreciated and I'd love to answer questions if you have them! Thanks.
Read this on Tapastic.
Check out this comic on Tapastic. It's easier to read!
I started drawing this comic in 2009 and am still going strong! I really wish I could finish pages faster. I'm doing the best I can, thanks to everyone who stops by to read Golden it really keeps me motivated.
These pages are taking me so long to finish! Well, on to page 11!
I can't help but upload a page as soon as I finish it, sorry for the delay.
@Kippi: That's Erin for ya! hahaha
End Chapter 3
Last page of the chapter guys!
Little Update
I am working on this next page and felt like doing a little update. So here is an improvement comparison from the first comic cover I did in 2011 and the most recent one I did in 2014.

Blank meme can be found here----> andah%2F11861146&qo=9

They great thing about drawing webcomics is the improvement you see through time. Although it is a bit embarrasing reading throuhg the first chapters now.
5 more pages left in this chapter! Hmm guess it's time to plan the next chapter cover. Any suggestions?
@Kippi: Thank you! I was thinking of adding some text to it but I also like how it looks the way it is.
Sorry for the lack of good backgrounds haha.
I really like your style!
I've been following this comic for a while and haven't commented yet. I wanted you to know I like your comic, the art is great and you update so frequently! Thank you!
December 16th, 2013
I really love your character designs, nice work.
Just started reading this comic and I got to say I am loving her character!
Character art: Jack
Color/costume test for Jack.
Update again, yay.
Sorry for the lack of updates, I am very much working on this comic but school has gotten in the way of a regular update schedule. I will be updating soon!

For any readers out there constructive criticism is welcome. Please tell me what you like and what you don't like so I can work on becoming a better comic artist, thanks!
November 17th, 2012
this page took me waaaaaay to long.