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Personally, I like the new style. Good job! ^0^
Six fingers! :o
Haha, Cheren's super happy face just amuses me too much.
Their childhood versions are just so adorable! c:
I've always wondered about that too. Makes me think of Morty's gym...

I just love the way you draw faces. xD
Hiro reminds me a bit of Samus. XD
That wanted sign. XD
Aw, poor Wendy! ; A;
The way your Sandshrew fights is so adorable, and he even says sorry after killing Abra. XD
Haha, Gary's song. XD
Wow, I just love this nuzlocke. Very emotional. :c
Aw, why so much Wendy hate? She's an amazing character. I have a strange feeling her telling Stan all this is part of a bigger ploy. 0.0