I love Wolves~! and anime~!

i like to draw, but i think my drawings are not good enough right now, maybe somoday i will draw something for all off you, but not now. sorry u.u!/?ref=652549
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Gotta love his enthusiasm :3
Fio looks awesome here! *^*
Are Conri, Michael, Luca's family and Randy going to appear again in the comic or not? I think I'm not missing anyone...
The art in the cast page is absolutely gorgeous! <3

Bye bye sweety pie~ Until we see you again Slon :')
Ah! Slon!
I missed him soon bad!
He's one of my favs *w*
January 25th, 2017
That's a cool way to protect them :D
Go Saria! :)
December 21st, 2016
I´m having some trouble recognising what pokemon the rude guy is... :c
I do the same thing!
I only get dressed half an hour later xD
Aaaaww! They look sooo cute in their animal forms! >w<
@Lucid: Jamie is good looking :)
Btw, you posted this page twice!
Eeep! Drake looks really mad... and Fio looks scared...
Hope Augustus can find Bruno and bring him soon...
Also would like for them to work things out and resume their frienship
Genderbend Fio and Drake look cool :3
@Guest: I know
It's the other readers that don't know what it means :P
I'm not entirely sure either if that's what the dream man is saying
But it seems to me that it is
Salvame means Save Me in spanish...
April 22nd, 2016
In hindsight, He's the only one that wouldn't die if She accidentally touched him... Destiny? Maybe She's the one for Him?
I think Lemurs 1 is missing :c
November 19th, 2015
You're back~! :D
Welcome back! :3
Can't wait to see more of you and your beatiful art <3
November 16th, 2015
Yaaay! 2 pages in one day~
I've read your comic since the very beggining and I'm really happy you came back :D
Keep up the good work! :3