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My species is rare. I'm a hedgedragon.

I look like shadow the hedgehog, but I have two dragon wings and one dragon tail.

I have the ability to become human to blend in with other humans, except My hair stays the same and I keep my wings and tail. I can tap into the power of the seven elements with the help of my dragoon spirits
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    Shadow stellar
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I love the last panel
*pokes the Author on the floor*
so when will Ket get her Aerokinesis back?
@enamis: I guess it's not a part of Microsoft Office 2010, since I tried looking for Dutch 823. Still not bad for a fan made prologue. I almost passed out from young Toriel and Asgore
so what kind of font is Dutch?
which one is stronger? shock-shock or rumble-rumble?
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: Dr. Light did co-make the first games enemies
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: He would probably ask Dr. Light for more pets
why isn't core here to ruin it?
@BattleStarX: do you accept offerings of pure sugar?
@SilverHyena: you must love replying every update