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Update 3/3.

When I showed the new pages to Vi, she said "Alex, have you been watching WWE or something?"
Update 2/3.

Here's a secret: Roy is really fun to draw.
Update 1/3.

Happy Thanksgiving, I guess??
Update 3/3. See you guys next month!
Update 2/3.

Roy is one of my favorites. Vi and I tried our best to make him old man moe.
Hello! Here's update 1/3 (10/20/2014)

Sometimes... I regret making that kid's shirt what it is... Why did I give him that shirt.
Update 3/3!

It was really hard getting back into this...
Yooooo. This is update 2/3!!
YEAH SO. I'm gonna try this again. I apologize to everyone!!

I uploaded 3 pages today, so make sure you guys read all three. Or like, reread everything because you've probably forgotten what's happening right now since it's been AT LEAST A YEAR since I've been around here. My god.

I'm so sorry.
The Last of Us!!!
@Justea: But what is... upside-down???
@Justea: NO I HAVEN'T. It's too daunting!! Haha, but I have seen a video of him drawing a picture of Sena with a bowling ball. Yeah, like, he draws perfect spheres like it's nobody's business.
Psshhh, backgrounds.

New season of Arrested Development!!!!

What's the first thing you do when the gods give you a second chance at life? Check your pockets.
I have, like, a billion pictures of tree trunks in my Tumblr Likes.
Murata Yusuke is so pro at drawing reflections, it's so unfair.
Have you guys heard the new Streetlight album?
I updated on time!! ;D
Haha, just a few more pages of this and then I have to go back to drawing actual backgrounds noooo
@Anonanon: Shhhh, shhhh, I don't know what you're talking about.