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@SeriousJupiter: My bad, reread it and Venus did use Absorb to KO Golduck, H0ly even stated it in the Author comments.
@SeriousJupiter: Not a new move, it was also used in his gym battle against that Golduck.
At first I was thinking the series would be over by chapter 17.

Then I thought about it and we're only at chapter 9 and Atty has yet to get his 2nd badge... sooo the series could easily end up like 50 chapters long :P

Poor H0ly

Edit: And it's taken 6 years to get to chapter 9 so I guess this series could take a few decades to finish TTWTT
The only way to save yourself it to catch em all before they blow ...

You can do it Atty :D
Wow, I had to check when Atty got that magicarp, didn't realize he's been in Mount Moon 38 pages.
Fossilized feces
Didn't Gary find something like that in the anime?

Edit: Only happened in the English dub of episode 46. The original Japanese had him find an ammonite fossil. (Thank you Bulbapedia)
Okay, does she think Atty means a Jigglypuff or a Clefairy?

Also, Chansey could fit the description of 'singing little pink thing' as well, but aren't found in or near Mt Moon.
With that many Clefairy, Atty might find a shiny?
Damn, all those hours I spent trying to find a Clefairy back in Blue and one of them practically begs Atty to catch it :P
Most memorable moment for me. Silver, lvl 13 Togepi vs lvl 20 Krabby.

Spam metronome, get a heal when health went red, then win battle with Togepi :D
Come on Atty, this is your chance to really see what Rat can do.
Light em up :D
Why is there a river in a rock type gym anyway?
Okay, new theory time.

Right now they should be grinding at the north end of route 2, which is pretty close to diglett's cave. At the other end of diglett's cave is route 11, and in HG/SS there's a TM for Grass Knot there.

I guess Ratt(Atty's pikachu)is somehow gonna make it through all those ground type pokemon as training, then find said TM and learn the move and use it to OHKO that huge Onix.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Are pokemon in this comic able to use moves/abilities from every gen or just gen 1 and 2?
@teh_fish: Elite Four, it's right there in their name, only 4 members at a time so the Champion isn't part of them.
@teh_fish: Blue and Lance are both Champions, not members of the Elite Four, when they use their respective Starter pokemon.

You are right about Flint though, I had forgotten he has an Infernape.
Since when has any member of the Elite Four used a Starter pokemon?
Which Gym?
If he's near Pewter but obviously not the Pewter gymleader, which gym does he belong to?

The squirtle could indicate the water gym at Cerulean, or he could be the leader of the final gym in Viridian.
That is if he's even from Kanto, he could be from Johto...
Haha, pikachu is riding on her shoulder :P
So are there any bugs left for Atty to catch?