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Hi everyone I had another account called 4everme91 but had trouble so I had to make another one. But I'll still gonna put the Lovely Hearts comic up. (Just with another title) So anyway enjoy.
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Join 15 year old Cole Lutherman as he makes a big step from his life of abuse and poverty to fame and fortune.
I should really work on the dialogue and page set up.
Glad to finally see an update.
So Andre Finally Drops The Ball
Typical Jeanette.
If you haven't picked this up....Good for you.
Let's Stay Together is a story that follows Kiara Davis. A 16 year old girl who recently started dating long time friend Andre. when she grows tired of him not giving her any attention Kiara starts to ask questions. But what she learns will change her life forever.
Anyway Updates start this Monday
Meet Chase! A square headed kid who's hunger for adventure is never full. Coming November 2012
Well here is the official schedule for the pages. Anyway better set those watches folks cause Maggie will be watching you! XD
Two girls, A big city, and possible misadventures that wait ahead......... What can go wrong?

Look out for Maggie and Karen Coming to SmackJeeves Friday 7/6/12