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I like to draw, but I'm still a student, so there isn't much time to do so.
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    Zombie Wolf
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well, I'm back from that other country that isn't the USA.
AND DERP DERP DERP DERP DUUUUHHHHH, I completely messed up the eye that was forked. It magically switched the eye it stabbed... WITH MAGIC.
Whatever, I caught the mistake, I'm just not going to fix it because my eyes are about to fall out of tiredness.
I rushed this page, I'm 76.8% sure there is some kind of mistake on it.
Zombies should be coming out more now.
Paid sex is cheating.
@Ryu-Chama: oh shiiiizzz, you're right. UGHHHH, I gotta fix that one of these days. Thanks for pointing that out, though! It was a very late night.
no comment
Rules are for breaking anyway >:D
Sorry for the 2 month wait...
yeahhhh, you can tell it has ben a while since I drew ZnS... This page is full of mistakes.
sorry XD

Oh, check out the character page! I put up a couple of profiles. I'll put up more later, hopefully!
AH, I've been needing this for a while now!
And you didn't disappoint. I couldn't come up with these jokes if my life depended on it, and they make my day, man.
This is too awesome!
@sala218: That's good to hear, I thought I had ruined it.
Man, all these people falling for the paper mask XD
@rinalicat: Oh, it means I made the mask discreetly enough to fool people :D
Azumi's hair was a pain, really.

Anyway, here is Azumi, who is the manager of Micah's dad's sushi restaurant. She is also Micah's boss, but tends to act more like a naggy mother.
She can be blamed for his awkwardness around girls.

(yup, Micah has no real mommy :'( )
anyway, enjoy!
@rinalicat: I would find it entertaining if I wasn't so scared of fish. OH WELL, I must be missing out.
@Evanescent-Espirit: Thank you! I'm so glad you think so :D I hope you don't mind the horrible violence that is coming up :)
my stomach is killing me....
I'm starting soon, so hang on!
ANNNND end of chapter 1!

Happy New Years, everyone!
School starts monday for me, but hopefully I'll get to chapter two soon. (I'm just glad I could get through one chapter).
The next chapter is a bit shorter, but not by much. I want to get to the third chapter already though, It's my favorite, haha.

But anyone who likes sushi restaurants will like the next chapter. Enjoy!
@sala218: Adorable, isn't it?
@rinalicat: I'm so glad someone recognized Micah for the mastermind that he is XD
AAAANNNnnnndddd in a not-so-surprising turn, Grace becomes one of his underlings... yay?

Well, it only means that we will be seeing a lot more of her later! Hooray!