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My name is Megaman0 a.k.a Damian levi a.k.a. ....... ......

I write S12ord and other webcomics. Look out for more projects from me...!
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    Demy Levi
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October 29th, 2009
By Jove we're back...?!
Don't worry unless stated otherwise we will be back...So please don't give up on us :)
Of course were still alive so don't give up on us!

We will update asap but things are a bit busy at the moment!
September 18th, 2008
*Dances around in circles* Hooray! better start continue writing then :P
August 17th, 2008
Then a belated happy birthday to you too :)
August 5th, 2008
Happy Birthday...!
July 5th, 2008
Thank you for your kind words! we'll try even harder the next time :)
That's off the flippity floppity floop!
Hilarious I love the Azumangaish quality of this comic...keep up the good work!
The pacing is fine, the way I see it is that most new action or comedy manga's get a first chapter that consists out of 40 pages before they start running weekly chapters of 15-20 pages or monthly chapters that run from 20-40.

If you go by that(which you might as well do since you use the same genre), then your intro period is right on schedule...that's the reasoning I use with S12ord :P

The only other thing you can do is change your style of writing which I wouldn't recommend I learned that it's better to focus on telling your own story instead of thinking what might be wrong with it.

Anyways I'm glad we get to see a new update ;)
May 19th, 2008
Woohoo a new page!

and I was hoping we reach the 90 fans mark before the week was over and we did!
May 12th, 2008
Hooba Jooba wha spotlight? cool how'd that happen?!

From myself (and I'm sure Yamslayer would say the same), Thank you very much!
April 29th, 2008
A small irrelevant spoiler she juggles Tomahawks(or hatchets) for a living. But you'll find more out about that once the story progresses.

And yes Piano your right she used one on page 10 of the prologue.
April 15th, 2008
Crazy ol' Piano-kun :P
April 13th, 2008
*Nose Bleed*
Great comic I just read through the entire archive and I love it!
February 11th, 2008
Thank you for your kind words Piano-kun!

I have to say I like your Chiqua Defenders too the premise is intriguing and the art is good.

I had a similar idea for a comic once but alas it's in project limbo.

I hope to see more of your comic soon and I hope you'll keep reading ours :)
February 8th, 2008
When I thought up with Malcolm I intended it to be a short sword(Like the swords the Romans used to use). It was Yamslayers designs that changed it to a hybrid between a short sword and a broadsword with a long handle. I loved the sword designs so that's how it looks like it looks...
February 4th, 2008
Blunt Answer: The same way a teenage boy contains a demon fox inside his belly...or the same way a giant robot freezes in the north pole but still has no problem flying through space...

in short don't overthink it it's just a comic...and who knows maybe in due time all will be revealed...

The colour is looking great Yam...keep it up.
January 21st, 2008
Man the emotion looks great just had to be said...